This post is a recap of the first quarter of the year concerning some blog activity. I know most peaople recap more often, but I think fourth times a year is enough for me. 😉

First, I am proud to say that I reanimated participating in some long lost memes again. Booking Through Thursday, which I didn't participate in a long time because I got lazy and a little bored by it. Being back now is great, though. =) Swoon Thursday @ YA Bound and In Her Shoes @ YA Story Teller were both not forgotten, but I found I didn't really have something to take part, so I haven't frequented them in a while. However, even though I might not be able to contribute, I still want to be more participating in the blog hobbing those days and see what the others got. I feel the need to be in the community more.

Blog Tours

shadow of time tour banner

Thanks to author Jen Minkman for asking me to take part!

Ashes Tour Banner

Thanks to YA Bound for letting me participate.


I read 4 books for the Series Catch-Up Challenge, namingly book 3-6 (Dark Flame, Night Star, Everlasting) in The Immortals series by Alyson Noël--meaning I am now done with this series; it was a long way!-- and the first installment of the Dark/Carpathians series by Christine Feehan, which is a catch up for me since I read book 18 first.

Sadly, since there was a lot of other stuff on my plate, I haven't even started on my Hard Heart Reading Challenge yet. But I will, as of now. There's still three more quarters of the year left, so nothing's lost just yet. 😉

As for the New Author Challenge, I have already tried 9 new authors the past three months, which I say is a good start for my goal of 25.



A lot of the same old, WoWs and reviews, but I can already tell you a few things to look forward to!

First, next week's already another tour stop at my blog, for Grishma by Kelly Anne Blount. And the week after that it's a stop for The Game by Shane Scollins. Make sure to stop by!

Second, author Samantha Durante already e-mailed out invites to all Stitch Tour participants (from 2012) for the Shudder Blog Tour which is going to run through the summer with lots of reviews, promo and guest posts, interviews and giveaways to help promote the second installment of the trilogy. I am so looking forward to reading it, and to being part of her tour again! I strongly advise you all to keep your eyes open for those events, the first is already in movement: an ARC giveaway for Shudder. Post here will be April 10.

Third, I want to particiapte in two new memes! For once, the weekend meme Know Me Better hosted by Kathy over at I Am a Reader, Not a Writer. I hope it's going to be fun to answer the questions she's giving us. =) And further, the Thursday meme What's Next? hosted by Asma at IceyBooks which gives your readers to choice to help you decide on your next read.

And the fourth annoucement is a very special one! *drum roll* It's going to be The Book Rogue's first bloggoversary on June 24, so of course I'm celebrating with a giveaway! If you want to get your grubbies on new books, keep your eyes open! 😉

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