Starting the second quarter, I have picked up two new memes! One is called Know Me Better, where you answer five more or less personal questions each weekend, hosted by Kathy @ I'm a Reader, Not a Writer. The other is What’s Next? hosted by Hafsah at IceyBooks where you give your readers a choice to help you decide what to pick up next from your pile.

What else? Yeah, lazy me got off her ass and finished all the reviews that were still due from books I read last year. Now I only have some left from the beginning of the year -- but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna catch up with them soon as well. =)

Then there was a few weeks I didn't post anything. I was in a big slump, had a lot to do otherwise, and some problems on the technical front. Everything's back and fine now, so be prepared to hear alot from me again. =)


In this second quarter, I had two occasions to rile up giveaways for this blog. For one, I reached 100 Followers, and secondly, I could celebrate my One Year Bloggoversary! For my follower giveaway, Patricia @ BookExhibitionism won the adult book choice Lightning by Dean R. Koontz. The bloggoversary giveaway is still running until July 21.

Blog Tours

Grishma bannerThe GamefortydaysbannerYour Guardian Angel TourA Sliver of Hope Bannerconfessions of an almost girlfriend banner

Thanks to YA Bound for letting me participate in all those awesome tours.

Runes tour banner

Thanks to Forbidden Passions Reviews for letting me be part of this amazing blog tour!

Blackbrooke II The Guardian Tour BannerThanks to the author Emma Silver for letting me be part of the tour again!


I only read one book for my Series Catch-Up Challenge, Crossed by Allie Condie, and started Torment by Lauren Kate. I started way too many new things in this quarter, sorry. But I'm still positive I'm gonna complete this challenge!

Finally, I started on my Hard Heart Reading Challenge. So far, I've only finished one and started a second book from it, but it's called Hard Heart for a reason. By now, I doubt I'm gonna finish it, but at least a few problems childs will have been cleared off my pile.

As for the New Author Challenge, I read books by 14 new authors in this second quarter of the year, giving me a total of 23 new author so far this year. I'm almost at my 25, so maybe I'll make the 50 this year. ^.^



What to expect in the next quarter? Well, I have a lot of reviews to catch up on, and hope to get quite a lot done, actually. The same goes for HEEs.

Then, I'm pretty close to 200 followers. I might reach them during my bloggoversary, so this event might follow up pretty soon. Very excited =)

The Shudder Blog Tour! I got my review copy and signed up for September 1, the very last stop, and it will also entail a giveaway!

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