Damn, I really made it through my third year, huh? That's kinda awesome, since I have seen a few of my favorite blogs shut down, and that made me feel a little lost, because I'm not that good at making friends through the blogosphere, I guess. So even after three years, it still feels like I'm celebrating with myself mostly. No offense to all of you guys! There are alot of awesome blogs out there, and I know mine is far from being top of the line, so I totally understand if you spend more time somewhere else. It's not a big deal, and this isn't me whining about not enough page views or whatever.

Honestly, it's not. Blogging has become such an important part of my daily life, basically a routine, and I love doing it just because. I don't care so much for the numbers (but they are awesome, just so you know). I'll let you know, I'm just kinda glad I didn't actually forget my blogoversary this year. Yes, I confess, the post last year was an "OMG, that was TODAY?!" kind of thing. It's because I'm generally not thinking of birthdays as a big deal anymore, only if there is a 5 or 0 involved. So I guess I'll be having a big freak out party in two years, then. x)

But what I'm happy about, and what I am most definitively celebrating this year!, is that this blog is not something I started with excitement, and then quit because it wasn't what I expected it to be -- like I do with a lot of things. I took some time away from it, sure, but I think everyone's entitled to that, right? So here's to three years not quitting, and to still loving this baby and wanting to move forward with it. Cheers!

Oh, and I posted my 200th review only last month. That's also a number to celebrate, right? =)

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9 thoughts on “Celebrating 3 Years on the blog!”

    1. I remember that I had a lot more time to read before blogging, coz I wasn't writing any reviews, etc. 😉

  1. Congrats to 3 years, Caro ^o^

    Thanks to you and your blog I discovered many new books! ♥
    Keep up the good work!

    I'm blogging for 2 years now but not as actively as you. Time is missing here and there... and I still need some time for playing all those amazing games out there 😀

  2. Hi, congratulations on 3 years pf blogging! I am not a blogger so, I don't have a blog. Thankyou forbthe giveaway!

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