July and August were two great months. Although it was awefully hot at points, I was energized hanging around with my borrowed nieces at the pool, sun-bathing, and I love swimming as a work out. That gave me power to go through a lot of books, and with pleasure, and to get reviews done.

But I'm really sorry that I've not really been around much in September. I had a lot on my hands working towards my self-employment and doing some hours a day to get some cash into my very empty pockets. I promise improvement, though. I will be around in the community more, commenting and hopping.

Then, there is one more thing I'd love all of my fellow blogger friends -- but more importantly the authors -- to know: I have started my own blog tour page which will be part of my new job. Please consider stepping by, maybe signing up. I'm looking forward to working with you!


In my 200 Followers Giveaway, I gave away The Pledge and The Essence by Kimberly Derting.

Blog Tours/Book Blitz

Untellable bannerRush Book Blitzbreaking glass bannerDeceived Banner newThanks to YA Bound for letting me participate in all those awesome tours.

Immortals Tour

Thanks for letting me also be part of the tour for book two!


Thanks to the author Samantha Durante for letting me be part of the tour again!


Thanks to Ichting for Books, for taking me into your tour group!


I only read one book for my Series Catch-Up Challenge, the last one of the Fifty Shades trilogy.

I know I'm only creeping along my Hard Heart Reading Challenge, but I made it difficult for a reason, and I'm glad I can clear off at least some stuff. I still haven't finished Torment, but I started on Blood Red Road as well anyway. I believe having it laying around practically glaring at me, it'd get done easier.

As for the New Author Challenge, I read books by 14 new authors in this third quarter of the year, giving me a total of 37 new author so far this year. Maybe I'll make the 50 this time, since I didn't quite get there last year. ^.^



I got some more tours coming up, although I'm dialling it down so I can actually get some reading done for my challenges. So I think there won't be much for November and December.

NaNoWriMo is coming up, and I'll be cheering on some friends who participate -- and I plan on using all the writing vibes going around to catch up on my reviews, which I am behind on, again.

I will be self-employed starting November 1, and there will be a celebration for it, because my job has to do with the community as well.

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