I bid you welcome, wayfarer, and dare you step into the darkness of my soul...

bayreuth1_meNow that you stepped over the threshold, I will allow you a glimpse under the rogue's hood.
Yes, over there, that's me, The Book Rogue →

I was born and raised in Germany, enjoying life now more than 20 summers, while spending August 2006 to June 2007 away in Michigan, USA. I withstood the ordeals of High School, and am now a certifyed Bachelor of Arts English-German translator for literature and IT -- a job that will never keep me away from future adventures.
I am sharing this life with my wonderful boyfriend for eight years already, and finally found a place to call my own home, filled with (never) too many books.

If you still dare to continue on, I will share two more secrets with you: a shred of my real identity, and how The Book Rogue was born.

My real name is Caro, short for Carolin. Some of you might already know that, but since you're all sworn to secrecy, unless you want me to haunt you...
My usual screen name is D-Rogue. I came up with it while in the US, and stuck with it ever since (so it was basically the fist step to The Book Rogue). Why Rogue? Coz as you can see on the picture above, we have the same hairstyle – and a couple of other things in common.
Now, one might think that Rogue is short and precise, but I had to find out that a lot of people didn't share that opinion with me. Thus, instead of addressing me as Rogue, they just called me D. [I started to like it though, so now I'm perfectly fine with being called that.] In case any of you wondered: yes, this is the same D that was in D's Bookworld, which is how I came to name my first blog (which was the second step to The Book Rogue).
The final step to my identity of The Book Rogue was inspired by Kristi's online identity The Story Siren. I really liked how that sounded and I thought to build something similar – but of course the Rogue had to become a part of it. Thus, The Book Rogue was finally born.

However, I have to credit another fellow book blogger some of you might already know: Patricia of BookExhibitionism. Not only did she help me set up my wordpress.org online presence, which has become The Book Rogue blog, and I am so thankful for!, but I also stole – with her permission – her idea of a Dear Future Self blog edition, and made it into The Rogue Chronicles Edition.

You can e-Mail me: caro_d [et] the-book-rogue.de


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