Age of the Five Trilogy
by Trudi Canavan


#1: Priestess of the White / Priester
#2: Last of the Wilds / Magier
#3: Voice of the Gods / Götter

  • I like the German covers. Some editions are made shiny, and I thought it added a nice touch to them. The English covers aren't that nice, but I find that ususally the case, so...
  • Very thoroughly thought through [how confusing do those three words look in a row??], nicely planned til the end. Also very detailed, however therefore a little boring if you are enjoying rather fast moving stories. Simple considering the plot without the style, awesome reads that had a bit of basically everything important in them.
  • Variety of great characters of differently displayed depths, that was great. The interactions, angles, and personalities were all somehow important for the book.
  • Fantasy elements were not too far-fetched and also well planned out. There was an awesome balance in the logic as much as in the characters. Trudi Canavan sure knows her stuff.
  • Tedious, it's 3 x ca.800 pages in German, and it's not moving very fast, so you do need both passion for the world and patience for the characters.
  • If you want to really enjoy it, you have to read all three books in a row, or you'll lose interest and/or get annoyed. Plus, it's hard to remember the essential parts because there is so much detail around them.
Series Rating: 3 Hoods

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