2 seasons with 24 episodes total

Azita Ghanizada as Rachel
Malik Yoba as Bill
David Strathairn as Dr. Rosen
Warren Christie as Hicks
Laura Mennell as Nina
Ryan Cartwright as Gary

Season 1

It was Ryan Cartwright who made me want to watch this, because I loved him so much in Bones, and I think he was the perfect choice for autistic genius Gary. I also liked Hicks and Nina (especially in combination), then came Rachel and Rosen, but I didn't really feel a connection to all-brawn fed Bill, which might also be because of his downside -- always being rude and cranky. They all made a good team though, and their abilities were a complimentary and interesting mix.

Like in every first season, it usually feels like you have seperate pieces in every episode that don't necessarily connect to something bigger yet. It works better with some, not so well with others; Alphas belongs into the first category for me. It was funny, mostly in a neurotic kind of way, interesting with all the Alpha abilities and the downsides, had a little action, and a little heartache. What's not to love?

Season 2

The second season had a silver lining from first to last episode, and I don't know... it was pretty good, but it was very focused on the main storyline, not so much case-by-case plots pro episode anymore. Don't get me wrong, I liked the plot, but they crammed it all in, so I was missing the focus on each team member and their special skill for a case or scenario. I also felt it uncovered personal background too fast, rushing the development of the characters. They should've taken more time with that, because all the characters are very interesting, the heroes and the villains.

I thought Gary x Anna was really sweet, and then terribly tragic. It's so hard for people like them, so it was double unfair in my eyes. Lucky that John and Rachel became a package deal. They are each cute on their own, but together they are like "it's so fluffy I'm gonna die", you know? ^^ And after Dani, I would've loved to see Hicks and Nina try again. I'm confident they could've made it this time.

Thus, it's really sad they chose not to continue this series, it was good enough to hold viewers attention in my opinion.

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