Inspired by the Netgalley November I've been seeing around the last two years, and because I've been piling up ARCs for a while now, I decided in January to do this feature in April. And becuase I had time to properly plan, I hoped to not do it all by my lonesome, but have others join me.

Sadly, that didn't happen. And yes, I am a bit disappointed. But I got ARCs off my pile! I aimed for 4 in this challenge, but made it to 6. The whole year so far has been good on the ARC front, actually. Makes me proud of myself despite the obvious failure in attractitng other bloggers to a new challenge. It's not like April is never getting around again, right? I'll just have it up again next year, it's that simple. Unless some other crazy idea comes my way instead -- you never know!

To summarize this years ARC-Kill April:

Total number of reviews submitted: 6 (see link-up)

Tally: 5 + (6 x 0.25) = 6.50€

With no one else in the competition, the pot goes to me. Yes, you read right. I'm not just dumping it back into The Box. I wanted to give someone a little treat, and that someone just turned out to be me this time around. That's enough for a cheap paperback, or some new ebooks. I haven't decided yet. I still have a few more books to reach my set goal of 50 and lift my buy ban, and then I'll just snoop around my Amazon list, I guess. =)

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