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First Teacher:
Who taught you to read?

Since my mother was working full time, I spent a lot of time in day care until afternoon, then I'd go to my grandparents. Although I spent a lot more time with my grandpa, it was my grandmother who was my first teacher. I could do long division and all basic arithmatic before I even entered elementary school, because I was a super-eager child, and she had her accountant skills to share.

She once told me she hadn't been eager at all to oversee educational development yet again, after my six year older sister and cousin were a disaster in the alphabetic department, always reading a single letter at a time. But different to them, I couldn't. I went syllable for syllable basically from the very first word, so it was like I had the actual hard part of learning to read already in my blood. I also remember that once I really had it down, somewhere first or second grade, I'd spend a lot of my afternoons in front of my grandpa's ancient typewriter. God, I loved that thing! Guess somewhere around then I also started writing my first stories, haha.

You see, the world of books was mine to begin with. ^.^

11 thoughts on “BTT #14 - First Teacher”

  1. I can't really remember. But I think it was probably my grandad. I lived with him and he would bring me into town every Saturday to buy a book. Like you, I could read at a very young age. I could never boast about my mathematical skills though lol.
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  2. Okay, let me get this straight: Math bitched at me once we passed the basics in 8th grade, after that I hated it and I just can't do anything involving formulas. I failed my final math exam with 4 of 15 points (5 needed), and I flat out refused to improve that grade by adding another oral math exam. That would've been the death of me!

  3. I was an early reader also. I can't recall a time in my life when I didn't know how to read. I wasn't proficient at it, but I could read.

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