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Series or Stand-alone?

I do like to stick to characters for a while, so I am prefering series over stand-alone books, but every once in a while a single volume story is a nice diversion, especially when in genres I don't read all too often, because I'm not so keen on them. However, series have their disadvantages too, so I have to say I am the most comfortable with trilogies. Three is a very nice number, and I think by the time a trilogy ends you're still comfortable with the characters, because the longer a series goes on, the higher the possibility they go on your nerves like crazy.

Though it's differet when you get a new set of characters with a new installment, but the old one's are still somehow involved, yet no longer the main focus and each intallment can be read as a stand-alone. You know what I mean? I love those the most, so plenty of credit to authors Lori Foster and Christine Feehan, and everyone else who masters this task as well as them.

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