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Picking and Choosing:
Overall, what factor influences your choice of your next read? What is it that makes you want to read a book by an author you have never read before?

To the first, it's clearly my mood which determines if I pick up my next paranormal/fantasy book or if I sidestep with a real life story. Once my mood chose, I mostly just go by cover, sometimes by summary, and sometimes I just pick it "because it's been sitting on my pile way too long" ;). A book simply has to appeal to me in the moment I pick up something new.

As for new authors: recommendations. Since I started blogging, this really hasn't been an issue with so many fellow bloggers praising novels by so many authors I haven't even heard of before. Plus, I generally like giving new, debuting authors a chance to impress me. And I think that as a fan in some 20 years it'd be nice to say, "Hey, I've been a fan of this author/series since day one and read every single book by him/her." Don't you think so, too?

4 thoughts on “BTT #16 - Picking and Choosing”

  1. I usually go by what I have for review that's being released next. But at the moment I'm feeling a bit fed up with not being able to just read what I want to read when I want to read it. So I'm cutting down on my blogging for a while and focusing more on reading so I can get more in.
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    1. That's okay to refocus on reading again. I never want to get into the position to read because I have to. At least not too much at a time. I can totally understand. =) Hope you'll get through this phase well (read). 😉

  2. Reviews, covers, excerpts. Several things. Also it depends on my mood and if I feel the book fits it. But I love finding new authors and buy books by new authors all the time. And also if a friend of mine who has similar taste to me is gushing about a book a lot, I usually try to read it so we can fangirl together over it's awesomeness, lol!
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