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Happy Spring Equinox, everyone! What book are YOU choosing to celebrate with?

Spring hasen't quite arrived here yet (it's been snowing slightly the last three days), but since the Spring Equinox is also my boyfriends birthday, it's always a day of celebration. Seeing him unpack presents is something I enjoy immensly, and then we went out for dinner to our favorite Mexican restaurant. =)

Anyhoot, my first spring books are going to be two very hot boys, hoping for spring to actually come around when I'm reading them. And here they are! *drumroll*

WALKING DISASTERdante1_collector

Walking Disaster tells the story of Beautiful Disaster from male lead Travis's point of view, and I loved that guy. I'm really looking forward to this read!
And then there is Dante Walker, The Collector, who practically everyone is dying to meet. I was unfortunate to not get a hands on an ARC, but it's only one more week until it releases (both come out the same day), and I'm going to enjoy every single page of this bad guy hottie!

Which are your invite-spring-in reads? Link me up!

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