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Do you do other things while you read? Watch TV? Cook? Brush your teeth? Knit? (For the record, I’m guilty of all of the above.)
Or is it a quicker question to ask when you DON’T read? (Please tell me you don’t read while you’re driving.)

I do multi-task on many occasions, but reading is not one of them. I need to be free to get completely lost in my book, soo... I might listen to music or watch something not requiring my attention on TV (like snooker), but other than that, no.

And, really, I don't know how you people do it. Knitting or brushing your teeth. My hand-eye-coordination isn't nearly good enough for this. You always get interrupted what you do because you need to turn the page, and you can't concentrate on the book because you have to look at whatever else you have in your hands (like with knitting). For me, that's a lose-lose situation and a no go.

7 thoughts on “BTT #23 - Multi-tasking”

  1. My hand eye coordination is no where near good enough for anything complicated either! I do love listening to music as well because sometimes it just adds to the reading experience. A Kindle is a great solution to the page turning-problem! Here's my BTT and I hope you have a good rest of the week 🙂
    Juli @ Universe in Words

    1. You still need a hand/finger to hit that button on the Kindle. Believe me, I tried. And since mine tends to skip two pages ahead instead of one, I often have to press two buttons, shift it in my hand... It's not suitable to do anthing else at the side with. ^^

    1. I don't do audiobooks. However, I think I'd probably do my housework while listening to them. Could totally do that.

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