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Snow Days:
For most of the east coast, at least, it’s a wintry, snowy day today, so … How do you like to spend your snow days? Feel free to gloss over the obligatory parts like shoveling unless you LIKE it. We’re talking ideal, best way to spend a snow day kind of thoughts, here.
For those of you who live in places where snow days simply don’t happen? Feel free to substitute “snow” with “rain” and think about the kind of days when you just want to cuddle up inside where it’s warm and dry.

I'm living on the edge of the mountains, so we usually get a pretty winter with lots of snow, etc. However, this year winter totally skipped out on us. There was only one day with maybe an inch or two of snow, gone again after two days. I was happy because that saved me all the shoveling and some car trouble, but all the kids probably weren't. And winter holidays start next week, and it already feels almost like spring...

But let's imagine the snow back on my doorstep, and I would love to stay indoors and curl up with a book, of course. I would light candles around the room, hope my kittens will curl up with me, looking cute, and drink tea or hot chocolate. Book doesn't matter, either, just my current read.

But sometimes I just don't feel like reading, not even on a snowy day, then I'd be gaming. Probably something where I totally forget the time, like Anno 1602. I love builing for hours and hours, especially on a crappy day.

For my boyfriend's credit, he would somehow coax me outside for a winter walk, because he's an outdoorsy person and he enjoys all the seasons. And I'd go just to make him happy, although I hate being outside in the cold. *br*

3 thoughts on “BTT #24 - Snow Days”

  1. I'm the same way, I do love to read, but sometimes I like to play on my computer as well. It is so pretty outside sometimes, but like you, it's too cold to stay outside long. I get to be outside and see it when I take the puppies out to do their business, and sometimes they make me stay out longer than I want to. Great post! I'm following you by Networked Blogs now as well! You can check out mine in the link below!
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