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What do you think of fanfiction? In general—do you think it’s a fun thing or a trespass on an author/producer’s world? And of course, obviously specific authors have very firm and very differing opinions about this, yet it’s getting more popular and more mainstream all the time. Do you ever read or write it yourself?

I don't consider it a trespas, but a lot more fun. It satisfies fantasies that the author left unsatisfied for some fans. And if an author is not fond of this kind of stuff, s/he should just keep away from the scene and let the fans live in their bubbles of love. We create them, we live them. Live and let live. No harm done to anyone.

I personally am reading and writing FFs more in the manga/anime department, but on occasion I browse through the book and movie ones, too. However, I find with the latter there are a lot less to chose from, and rarely what I am looking for. And I generally am not reading so much FF anymore, simply because now I have so many books on my pile.

Something I don't get (and don't like) is the matter of crossover fics. How could you just mix two or more worlds together? That's smashing rules of those worlds together, annihilating some and creating paradoxons and THAT is a violation/trespassing in my eyes. But, as I stated above, I just keep away from the scene and let the fans of it be.

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