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Okay, show of hands … who has read Shakespeare OUTSIDE of school required reading? Do you watch the plays? How about movies? Do you love him? Think he’s overrated?

I voluntarily picked Shakespeare's Macbeth for a school assignment once, does that count? If not, then I haven't read anything of him yet, but I plan to. Sadly, I am shying away from anything classic quite easily, but I am determined to broaden my horizons with the classical literature some day, and Shakespeare is pretty high on the list, because I like his stories. Having read Macbeth and Hamlet, I can also say I like his style, comparing him with some other stuff of the required reading. Overall, I think Shakespeare is definitvely one of the best, especially his tragedies, but still gets overrated at times.

As for watching, I have seen several of his plays on stage, even with rather modern interpretations, and liked them because they just stell a good story. I watched the Romeo + Juliet movie with DiCaprio, like that pretty well, and Shakespeare in Love was pretty cute, too.

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