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Do you prefer to read collections that are all of works by the same author? Or collections by different writers? Consistency or variety?

I love box sets, like having a series in a complete set, looking nice on my shelf. That's from the same author then, of course. However, I wouldn't like it if different works by the same author were all cluttered in a collection, unless they are all stand-alones. But mixing series with others and/or stand-alones is a no-go. Maybe not so much with ebooks, but definitvely with print books.

Collections with different authors are a whole other matter. The practical me likes to get a glimpse into different styles in one box, seeing how different authors handle the same theme, but dislikes it when those glimpes are part of a series. Because it means I can't just enjoy the ride of the story in the collection, but then have to go and find the rest of the series somewhere else, most likely buying the first book again in the process. It's a top-notch sales strategy, but it peeves me. I like my collections with different stand-alones, and since there's not so much of that... I'm not reading alot of collections, although I do own a few.

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