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Trial By Fire by Chris Cannon

Series: Going Down in Flames #3
eBook, English, 235 pages
Debut: April 4, 2016
@ Goodreads
Genres: Action, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
Heat Level : two-half-flames | Overall Rating: five-stars

Bryn’s hopes for a peaceful new semester at school go up in smoke when someone tries to kill her—again. She’s not sure which is scarier, facing the radicals who want to sacrifice her for their cause, or her impending nightmare-of-a-Directorate-arranged marriage to her nemesis, Jaxon.

The one bright spot in her life is Valmont, her smoking-hot knight who is assigned to watch over her twenty-four hours a day. Is what she feels for him real, or just a side effect of the dragon-knight bond? At this point, stopping the impending civil war might be easier than figuring out her love life.

Read First: April 7, 2016 | Snuck from: YA Bound Book Tours -- I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Why I picked this story up:

Because the first two books, Going Down in Flames and Bridges Burned, were absolutely amazeballs! I love those dragons, and I love Chris Cannon's humor!

What I found:

After Bridges Burned rocked, this is a bit of a bum. Well, not really a bum, more like... it wasn't as heart-wrenching. Which is actually a good thing, I think, because Bridges Burned was really draining on that front. Trial by Fire had a lot more to offer in the action and discoveries department, and only positive relationship developments.

Let's start with Valmont -- I love his cockiness. He reminds me a lot of Jace of TMI, but not quite as extreme. Bryn and him make a good fighter pair, although there wasn't much fighting this time, but lots of other dragon-knight-bond things to be discovered. Loved all of it!

My love for Jaxon, however... no, he was too much of an asshat this time. He's always barking orders and thinks it beneath him to explain them, and that really pissed me off. So it's more like I think his biggest problem is communication, not his character as such, because he had his 1-2 shining moments towards the end. For some reason, I also have this feeling he's being a bit of a coward, and I'm dying just a little to know how far his relationship with Rhianna has really progressed. I get the hints, but I'd love some facts.

The whole problem with the arranged marriage for Bryn and Jaxon is only smoldering so far, but I'm sure it'll become a real problem before long. Maybe in the next book.
However, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Not because the book was bad, but because I got a whole other set of expectations from the title. I thought the Trial by Fire would be some huge deal, most likely cooked up by the Directorate, but it was basically just a needle prick, a blood test. What a let down, right? The results were cool, and there was a lot of action all around, but there wasn't really some big Trial going on... Otherwise, this read would so derserve the extra half star of epicness.

So I thought this would be a trilogy, and I was already mourning the loss of these amazing dragons, but we're far from done -- and thank Cannon for that! I'm so in love with all the characters and the magic, I don't want it to end. Ever. For now, I'm looking forward to what's in store for Bryn & Co. in the next installment, impatiently waiting like a dog with a wagging tail!

Area Scan: Idea: 5/5 -- Style/Vocab: 5/5 -- Plot: 5/5 -- Heroine: 4/5 -- Heroes: 5/5 -- Sidekicks: 5/5 -- Hearts: 4/5 -- Tears: 3.5/5 -- Heat: 2.5/5 -- Thrills: 3.5/5 -- Laughs: 5/5

Discovered: 5 Hoods

Sights: HEE

Going Down in Flames:
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