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The word is spreading, City of Bones will be in theaters next summer! I'm just as excited about it as all Mortal Instruments fans, I guess. I'm really glad we get to see this in color and motion, let's hope it will be everything we imagine it to be. We have another year to let our imagination run wild with us, getting each other even more hyped up. 😉

So far, I'm not so happy with the cast. I don't know, they're just not like I saw them. BUT, I'm not gonna make my mind up entirely before seeing them in their roles, because this is what counts, and I was already surprised in this way more than once. Thus, I am hoping I'm gonna be surprised again. Have to wait and see.

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  1. I'm not looking forward to the movie at all because, like you, I'm not happy with the cast. JCB is just not Jace for me and I'm afraid that if I watch the movie with him, who I'm really not into, when I read the books again, I'll only see him, and not my Jace (the one in my head lol). Does that make sense. And while I really like Robert Sheehan as an actor (he's Irish yay), I just don't see him as Simon. I'm happy enough with Clary though lol.
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    1. I know what you mean. With the character influencing the version in your head although you might not want it to. BUT as I am, I'm gonna watch it anyway. Because, seriously? Edward still doesn't look like Robert Pattinson to me, at least not in the moment I pick up the book, and although I find him to be an aweful Edward, I still wanna see that last movie pretty bad! And although they are far from my favorites, I've seen some of the Twilight movies more than once. Kinda masochistic, isn't it? oO Well, I like to know what I talk about, and sometimes actors really live up to their role - but only in their role, and otherwise you still think *urghs*. So yeah, curious how this will turn out.

  2. I'm a little iffy about JCB playing Jace (he's supposedly in training to buff up, but in recent photos, he doesn't look like he is), but I really like the choices of Lilly Collins and Robert Sheehan as Clary and Simon.

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