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[Review] Debra Kayn: Wrapped Around Him

Wrapped Around Him by Debra Kayn

Series: Moroad MC #1
eBook, English, 246 pages
Debut: February 3, 2015
@ Goodreads
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Crime, Dark / Violance / Angst, Erotica
Heat Level : five-flames | Overall Rating: four-half-stars

Empathy is an emotion that has always evaded Cam Farrell, president of the Moroad Motorcycle Club and prisoner #18794. He's gambled with his life to finish the gun chain running across the states, get the majority of his MC brothers working inside the prison system, and place the smoke screen in Federal, Idaho. He only needs one more thing—Christina. What he wants, he takes, and freedom doesn't mean a damn thing.

Christina Nickelson keeps to herself and uses her part-time job for Silver Valley's Department of Children's Services to help those who are also alone and hurting. The anger and fear she thought she'd overcome after her parents were murdered resurfaces when an ex-convict and leader of a motorcycle club claims a teenage boy in her care. She can't let her worries go. Putting herself at risk, she finds herself held hostage, witnessing a murder, and questioning fate. The only person she can rely on is the biker who will kill her if she tries to leave.

Read First: April 26, 2015 | Snuck from: Xpresso Book Tours -- I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 162

My first trip into the whole biker workings and mentality, and I have to say that those aren't good guys hiding behind rough faces really puts extra thrill into the story. I felt living-on-the-edge and doing-what-you-have-to-do attitude woven through those pages, and it's so liberating. It feels all kinds of wrong on so many levels... but I love it! That there's a lot more ex-convicts and convicts out there than millionaires is a fair point well made, and just one more reason why I am now a devoted fan to Moroad MC.

Starting a relationship from afar through letters is old-school, almost old-fashioned, but between an unblemished, damaged girl to a convict? Hell, yeah. It's a little twisted in its own way, but I like that very much. It has a special kind of charm, and in a way, I think it fits those two very well. It's like when they take the time to think about the words they write, everything is deep and doesn't turn so easy into a mistake or misunderstanding.

And the lenghts Cam went to in order to get Christina! The man really has some issues with boundaries and authority, but damn... Well, at least he's honest about it. And, let's face it, Christina isn't the ballsiest of the bunch. She came more out of her shell the longer she stayed with Cam, though, and managed to surprise me with a move or two. I liked that he taught her how to live a little, albeit still restricted by his rules. It's not like she did anything with her freedom while she had it, screwed up as her parents' murder left her. Granted, she knew where the problem was, and learned to trust Cam as she ventured into unknown waters with him. His methods aside, it worked out well for her -- finding love in the process.

Speaking of lengths... I liked Jeremy a lot! So once I found out he was just another move on the chess board, I was a little peeved. Clearly, Cam didn't really give a damn about the kid, and kept him busy with the bike to have him out of his hair. I don't believe Cam had thought any further than that, although I admit he did a decent job, even if it might have been rather half-assed. But now Christina is in the picture, and she does get a bit of the good guy out of Cam, with Jeremy and in general. She's not going to change Cam 180°, obviously, but she's still going to do some good for all of them boys. I like that prospect. She's like a ray of sunshine. =)

The age was another thing that had me gasping a second, but I like that Cam is kinda old, because otherwise Christina would have to be awefully young for this kind of plot, so yeah. I loved the huge distance. Loved! It! With their different expectations of what life should be like, what they want from each other, Cam will have to find ways to keep his woman happy, some of them I imagine could be very much out of his comfort zone. Then what? Pull through or have her leave him? She's young and attractive, and now she knows how to go after what she wants, so it would be easy for her to find someone else. Not that I want her to, of course not!, I'm just saying...

I really want to know how their life together moves on in the sequel, which I hope will not be the only one, and I'd also like to see some of the other guys finding love, just like in any other stupid contemporary romance series out there, but woven into a very strong plotline, like it is now. I love the whole style of this sooo much!

Area Scan: Style/Vocab: 5/5 -- Plot: 5/5 -- Heroes: 5/5 -- Sidekicks: 3.5/5 -- Villains: 5/5 -- Hearts: 4/5 -- Heat: 5/5 -- Thrills: 5/5 -- Laughs: 2/5 -- Tears: 2.5/5

Discovered: 4+ Hoods


Sights: Teaser -- HEE

Moroad MC:
#1 Wrapped Around Him | #2 For Life | #3 His Crime

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