Welcome at another stop of the BlackbrookE BloG TouR!!

The little assignment given to me by our dearest tour host, Carmen @ Book Me!, was to introduce you to fitting music for this read and create a playlist you might enjoy while reading -- either the book or just this review!

This very first song that popped into my head just after reading the Rules was Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden. I chose the piano version here, but I think the original would be just as good.

1. Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark on Piano     

As I read on, my feelings were all over the place, and I think Hold by Superchick reflects that pretty much, and I think it's partly how Liberty felt as well.

2. Superchick - Hold     

Then I stalked around in my files for a tribute to the "walk outs", and I came up with Spirit of the Sea by Blackmore's Night (nice coincidence with the band name, isn't it? lol). Plus, it mirrors the plans Liberty and Gabriel had.

3. 13 - Spirit Of The Sea     

However, I felt compelled to find another special tribute for Gemma, and I decided on Beautiful by Trading Yesterday.

4. Trading Yesterday - Beautiful     

Just as I hoped the tragic would finally end, there was another tribute to be picked, this time for Noah. Yet, I find it also applies to all the people of Blackbrooke who have sworn into the Rules and hate them. It's been quite popular too, atctually, so you might already know For All The Lovers by Stanfour.

5. 01 For All Lovers     

Last but not least, a song for the bravery of Liberty and Cassius, for seeing everything through to the bitter end: Hero by Skillet.

6. Skillet - Hero     

Alright, I hope you enjoyed our little musical journey. If you find any song you think that is a must-listen-to for this book, feel free to add it in the comments! =)

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Series: Blackbrooke 1
eBook ARC
ca. 340
July 19, 2012

Snuck from: Carmen @ Book Me!

Area Info

The residents of Blackbrooke share their town with the Creatures, or Crits as they are known. Grotesque, roaming the streets at night looking for food, their presence means humans have to live by the Rules, keeping them indoors and forbidding them of basic desires.
The most important Rule? Don’t be a ‘walk out’!
Straight-A student Liberty Connor hates the Crits and the endless Rules she and her tight knit group of friends have to live by. Planning her new life on the Outside with her boyfriend, Gabriel, Liberty whiles away her days waiting to turn 18, so they can leave and be free. That is, until the world she thinks she knows begins to unravel… Her friends start to walk out. So she’s told. However, something’s not right. Things don’t add up. Liberty faces a race against time to discover what’s going on with the Creatures of Blackbrooke. Is it them she has to fear, or something much closer to home?

Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 8

Crazy, scary woods. Seriously, this trip was not much fun, although it had some very crooked dark humor in it, which I liked in fact. Other than that, it was a lot of fear, anxiety, dread, grief, and mostly confusion while secret after secret was revealed and the group placed together the pieces of this freakish puzzle.

In the beginning, I thought although a little stuck up, the relationships of Gemma and Noah, as well as of Gabriel and Liberty were quite nice if you consider the Rules. So when Gabriel walked out, I wanted to smack my kindle into the wall, and I almost cried of frustration as much as of sadness. It was just so... unfair, and unreasonable, and wrong for so many reasons. It was surely the first time I - along with Lib - felt that something wasn't right, that there had to be more to the walk outs than what the town let on. It's really a good thing she's so smart and brave and daring, a real fighter. Plus, she has Cassius, even after all this time apart... Their realtionship was as bumpy as a heart beat, yet just as solid, and then just unbearably cute. I'm very curious how they will continue on! Not that Gabriel wasn't a great guy, he sure was and I think Lib could've been very happy with him, but Cass is simply special - and I'm not just talking about his albinism - but he most of all was special to her, just as she is to him. Gosh, I'm really glad they both made it more or less.

I almost had a heart attack on several occasions on this trip, I mean it. One moment, it was totally heart-wrenching and nerve-wrecking, and I didn't know if I should rather cry or scream, then it was as happy as it could muster, very warm and hopeful, and I smiled like an idiot. I thought it was perfectly amazing how people come together when they have the same enemy, the same course. But then, however, I also can't believe just how tight this web of lies in this city is knitted, especially with the Big Brother like survaillance going on in the background, and the government influence in all of it. God, if this really were to excist somewhere... Scary thought, I don't even wanna find the end of it.

Which brings me to the crits which are really, really nasty beasts which I would not want to bargain with, especially not in the dark and on their ground. However, there's also something quite fascinating about them: their hirarchy, intelligence, their whole existence in the first place. I am so not satisfied with what I know about them up til now, so it's nice to know there is to find out more, and maybe there even is a way to be found to end it all. But that's to be revealed in any further stories, because I dare tell you the last words without spoiling anything: to be continued!

Area Scan: Style: 4/5 -- Plot: 5/5 -- Characters: 5/5 -- Suspense: 4/5 -- Romance: 5/5 -- Drama: 5/5 -- Humor: 4/5 -- Fantasy: 4/5

Discovered: 5+ Hoods

Sights: Teaser Tuesday #21 -- Series Banner & Team Badges

Blackbrooke: #1 Blackbrooke | #2 The Guardian | #3 King of Queens

Thank you for approval of an ARC goes to:
author Emma Silver

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