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ArsonArson Stats

Series: Arson Trilogy 1
eBook ARC
Pages: 318
Language: English
Debut: May 4, 2010
@: GoodReads

Arson Area Info

Before now, three things were true: he both loved and despised his grandmother; his life was going nowhere; and he was alone. But when a strange girl--who feels more normal behind a mask than inside her own skin--moves in next door, Arson hopes to find something he's never had: purpose. After years of living in fear, he will be forced to confront his haunting past and embrace the unknown as he walks the fine line between boy and monster.
Edgy, realistic, and breathtaking, ARSON, the chilling chronicle of an isolated teenager with unimaginable ability, is set to ignite the hearts and minds of a new generation.

Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 38

Here I am, always complaining that I want to read more YA by male authors, yet somehow they don't land in front of my nose. This one did, but you're about to here me complain again. At least a little.

Yes, Arson was different. It wasn't just written by a man, which would've already been something outside my personal box, but it was also written in third person -- another thing that's not exactly standard for YA lit.
I enjoyed the narrative perspective, it gave quite more insight than you could imagine, especially from the different characters. There was room for more without being omniscient that'd push it good beyond any first person YA style, but I think I might be a bit too persnickety there. Overall, it gave you something of everything, but it wasn't so facinating in detail it'd glue you to the page. In fact, it does tempt to skip... sorry.
A mostly male perspective, written by a guy. You might think this should border on uber-awesome, but it was pretty down to earth. A bit of everything, like I said. And I had the feeling the vocab was totally different... oO Well, that would definitvely count as a good thing!

The pace was both fast and slow motion. Very tricky! Yeah, while there were gaps of days, weeks, months in between, so it's actually going rather slowly, those time jumps didn't always come out right so you also had the feeling things were speeding by you if not for the parts that were rather descriptive and not so high on action. Maybe you can compare it to the bumpy line on the ECG.

Stephen, aka Arson, was an interesting boy. Not exactly the first who feels he's been cursed instead of gifted, but I'm sure he'll grow into it. Somehow. oO Although it was rather predictable which way the plot went with this gift and the set up with Emery, I still liked reading about him, especially his difficult interactions with his grandma. She was... well, I ain't gonna spoil.
Emery was an interesting girl as well. Hiding behind this mask... I don't know, she was straight forward yet stranlgy complicated at the same time. Got fight, too. I think she's a good fit for Arson, and I'm pretty sure she's not gonna sit around on her ass waiting to be rescued. And her parents? That could turn out interesting as well.
And then there are those people who've been mentioned but didn't act yet: Stephen's father Isaac, his grandfather Henry, maybe his mother. And that disgusting agent that turned up in the end, I wonder about his story -- although I'm quite sure it's only gonna make me despise him more.

All in all, this story left ALOT of open endings, unanswered questions. It's difficult to tell where it might be going in book two, what will be left undiscovered and what will be unveiled.

Area Scan: Style: 4/5 -- Plot: 3.5/5 -- Characters: 3.5/5 -- Suspense: 3.5/5 -- Romance: 4.5/5 -- Drama: 5/5 -- Humor: 3.5/5 -- Action: 3/5

Discovered: 3+ Hoods

Arson2-AshesAshes Stats

Series: Arson Trilogy 2
eBook ARC
Pages: 346
Language: English
Debut: September 27, 2011
@: GoodReads

Ashes Area Info

The minds running Salvation Asylum have abducted them for a dark purpose. A campaign has been set in motion to genetically alter mankind. Unknowingly, Arson has become the most vital instrument in this global scheme, initiated by a select group of brilliant scientists and cunning world leaders. Confused, trapped, and unable to fully manifest his abilities, Arson faces a new existence crawling with questions. Will he ever see Emery again? Is Grandma still alive? Can the fate of the human race really hang in the balance of one choice?
Nightmare and reality collide in ASHES, book two in the gripping ARSON trilogy. Love will be tested. Powers will shift. And the past will invade the here and now as Arson discovers a part of himself he has never before known and fights against his own shocking origins. Will this boy who once tempted fire be able to take on a fearful future? When the struggle intensifies and secrets come to light, will Arson be ready to accept the haunting revelation that there may be others out there, others like him?

Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 39

As sorta-predictable and skip-tempting as I found the first book, this sequel simply rocked. This one definitvely gave more answers then it asked questions, which I am very thankful for, but the show's not over yet. There's still  more to come, and I'm looking forward to it!

I liked the plot development, it had all the right twists and edges of a good conspiracy. Some might say predictable, but I plainly enjoyed it -- immensly. I would've never guessed that things would go like this, or that the characters actually turned out to be intwined like this. It's so conspirational it borders on unrealistic, maybe even is a little. Plus, I'm just as unsure which parts are real and which manipulated dreams, false memories, etc as the characters. It's a little frustrating, when you think about it, but it acutally makes me all excited and wanting more.

Then there's the part about Aimee, Joel, Kyro and Redd. That's going to be either a huge drama and I'm gonna cry rivers and/or cuss like a pro, or it'll a luck/action situation. I'm hoping for some drama, but also some happily ever after on that front. It's very promising, though. There's just so many versions for an outcome!

And Adam -- I loved him. As the Source and as a boy/man. I loved all the new background info on the people, too. I'm a sucker for good background stories. Oh, how I long to know how Adam, Emery and Arson are going to interact and work out. I have so no clue, because there are still things contradicting, fighting for what is real and what isn't. Love it, no matter how acingly frustrated it's leaving me.

Gosh, I'm dying for book three. I want to know how it all turns out in the end, who's gonna come out on top, who survives and who dies. My mind is running havoc here.

Area Scan: Style: 4/5 -- Plot: 5.5/5 -- Characters: 5/5 -- Suspense: 4/5 -- Romance: 3.5/5 -- Drama: 5/5 -- Humor: 2.5/5 -- Action: 5/5

Discovered: 5 Hoods5hoods

Sights: Teasers for Arson & Ashes

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