Fifty Shades
by E L James

#1: Fifty Shades of Grey
#2: Fifty Shades Darker
#3: Fifty Shades Freed

This series is only suitable for readers 18+.

In Her Shoes ~Ana Steele~

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  • Christian: I think he was a very interesting character all in all, and actually very solid as a whole concept. I liked how he ticked, and how he developed over the course of three books, how Ana changed not necessarily him as a person, but more his view of himself.
  • Side Characters: Christian's family was pretty awesome and they did remind me of their Twilight equivalents, but I also liked Ana's side of "family", meaning mostly her friends, and how they all played necessary parts in the story.

In Between:

  • Ana: She was a basically a strong character in her foundations and believes, good for the story, but she often acted the weak damsel because she was just so naive and nice.
  • BDSM Smut: Certainly not for everyone, and although at first quite exciting, I thought their sexual relationship would actually develop a lot more towards Christians usual tastes/practices.
  • Plot: Overall okay, but there were a few triggers for plot twists that just made my eyes roll, because it had to be Ana being the weak and stupid virgin. The tiwsts in itself were okay, and also how it played out, although a little predictable.
  • Plot-Smut-Balance: It shifted, but I think it's more in the 40/60 instead of the desired 50/50. Why I would see that it would put people off the story, it just reminded me that it was acutally a Fanfiction that I was reading.


  • Writing Style: It was very funny and with strong vocab that was woven into a nice tone. However, somewhere in book two I noticed many repetitions, some even word for word, and that really threw me off.

Series Rating: 3 Hoods

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