game-of-thrones-Season-2Based on A Song of Ice and Fire 2: A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin.

Tyrion Lannister, the Imp: I think he's proven himself over and over again in this season. I like him more every time, especially since he turned out to be not as ill wishing as I first thought him to be. Rational, sneeky when necessary, but especially placing the kingdoms well-being right next to his own, not like the others.

Sansa Stark & Shae:

I think that Sansa is an interesting character. However, I feel like I have an on-off relationship with her, because I see the potential but she hasn't lived up to it yet. Shae is an interesting ally, though. I'm curious what's all to come next!

Robb Stark:

One of the steady characters, I think. He does the right thing, trying to please his mother along the way, but not letting her rule her. He's a good ruler, despite his bit of a temper, I think it's important. And I really liked his new wife Talisa so far. =)


Urgh, how much I dislike fanatics. And that she actually spawned something shadowy, it can't be good. ~.~

Theon Greyjoy:

I want to kick him. Strangle him. The stupid traitor. Hate his attitude, and hope no one shows mercy on him, and that they don't take him back even if he begs.

Daenerys Targaryen:

I have absolutely no idea why she can't let the throne go. She has enough to deal with already and could make a good new life for the rest of her riders as a Khaleesi. Most of the time, I like her attitude, but sometimes it puts me off, too. However, I liked Drogo and everything else that happened to her so far. The dragons, oh gosh! And her advisor Jorah is also one of my favorites, just for his morales.

Jon Snow:

At first, I thought the man at the wall were rather... grey, uninteresting. However, they actually did quite an interesting storyline. And meeting the people from beyond... I'm curious what they will have to do with it all!

Oh, then there'e the thing with the zombies. I hate zombies. However, this zombie army makes me think of Lord of the Rings - Return of the King, and I can imagine they'll have a purpose quite like the ghosts had then.

Joffrey & Cersei Lannister:

Oh, the hatred... Cersei is Eden's snake personified, all the conspiracy, cracked mind, even the hot looks. Joffrey is a stupid brat as ever, and I wish him all the ugly things world has to offer. GR!

Bran Stark:

Love his storyline! He's a young master, rather in the background, but he has talents and I think he'll be having a big role despite all his drawbacks. Osha at his side is good, too. But I have to say that Luwin was a waste. T.T

Arya Stark & Jaqen:

Arya is my little favorite. And Jaqen, gosh! A chameleon, shapeshifter, however you wanna call it. I would've jumped at his offering! Yet Arya didn't, and it kind of made me respect her even more. I'm pretty confident she'll have a mayor role and pull through to the very end. She's a survivor, one of the finest, a good leader, and a true Stark.

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