Series: The Other Brother 2 | English \ eBooks, 95 pages | Debut: May 2015

Part 1 : Uncaged


Part 2 : Relentless


Part 3 : Takedown


Read: May 18-19, 2015
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Read: June 23-24, 2015
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Read: June 24, 2015
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I want lots of things out of life, but this… this is what I crave most. And with a dead-end relationship in my rearview mirror and a new business ahead, that freedom is finally within reach.
Of course, fate is an evil bitch.
People I have nothing to do with expect me to settle my brother’s debt— and if I don’t pay with cash, I pay with my life. I’ll be dead very soon… but not if a certain sexy-as-sin fighter with a Prince Charming complex has a say in the matter. One who’s decided to help me out of this mess, whether I want him to or not.
I might escape all of this with my life. But I already know it won’t be so easy to hold on to my heart...

Rogue Chronicles Entry

This started out pretty good. I got in the right state of mind with the characters right away, had a laugh, felt the heat, and wanted to know how it would all play out. However, with only so few pages, I expected there to be a lot less dancing around each other. Geez. If you only have one third of a book to tell a full story, you don't put your plot or characters in any state of limbo. Either fill it with action, with sex, with fun, or with conflict -- plenty opportunities for all of that.

The black-white conflict wasn't even touched, which is a missed opportunity but really no big deal, because not every story has to dwell on old prejudices. There's lots of fun to be had with temperamental women like Zoe and her cousin, but that's not a must-have either.

The action was supposed to be the framework, but it took up most of the space, I think. The idea for it was good, but there could've easily been 20% or more of character work to fill some pages, and make all of it less superficial. Because superficially developed characters I have a problem with, unless I read story solely for the sap and the smut -- which is usually the case when I pick up something this short. So after that first hot burn in Uncaged, I was thouroughly disappointed by the end of Takedown. Granted, it was pretty bold and rough, but there wasn't much in regard of emotions. No tingles for me.

I disapproved of Zoe's hot-and-cold bullshit, even though she's kinda cute when she's all swooned by Tristan's knight moves, which I totally loved. He would've annoyed me if he hadn't thought about moving on after a week of silence -- that's very reasonable, I think. However, jumping on over to the L-word that fast was ridiculous, even for his big-fluffy-bear heart.

Area Scan: Style/Vocab: 3.5/5 -- Plot: 3/5 -- Heroes: 4/5 -- Villains: 3/5 -- Hearts: 4/5 -- Heat: 5/5 -- Thrills: 3/5 -- Laughs: 3.5/5 -- Tears: 3.5/5

Discovered: 2+ Hoods3hoods

Sights: Teaser / Excerpt

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The Other Brother
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