What is Happily Ever Endings (HEE)? Check here.

Erased | Altered 2
by Jennifer Rush

erased2Careful: SPOILERS! Don't read if you haven't read the book yet!!

HEE Summary:

The group finds out that Dani isn't dead, but looking for Anna. When they see Dani captured by Riley on video feed, they decide to go rescue her. The ask Trev for info, because Anna still wants to trust him. When they are attacked in the lab where Dani and a new group of boys is held, Nick think it was set-up by Trev, because he doesn't know that Trev saved Anna from being drugged and taken.

As they are sending of the new guys to be on their own, they attack out of the blue, seemingly brainwashed to do so by a codeword. Afraid that they have been altered the same way, and might attack Nick and Anna at any moment, Sam, Cas, and Dani split from the group. Nick and Anna go back to Port Cadia to meet with the girl's uncle, Will, for more information on the O'Brien's deaths. He tells them it was Sam who killed them, because they tried to stop him from taking Dani and Anna with him on the run from the Branch. Meanwhile, Nick and Anna suffer from severe flashbacks -- of them together as friends, him (and Cas) looking out for her when Sam and Dani spend time together.

As the two groups meet back up, Anna is searching for the file about the O'Brien incident, and finds it -- labelling Sam as her parent's killer, even though he wasn't sure he did it. They both only remembered all the blood on Anna's hands while she set next to her mother's body. Upon that revelation, Dani urges Anna to leave -- or she might be next. So Anna leaves the boys behind, reconnecting with Arthur, the men she knew as her father. He's the first to believe the file about the incident is planted false info, and he's not so sure about the excistence of an uncle Will, either. And right there, Anna clicks together that the only common denominator in all the recent crap is Dani. So when they turn around to find the boys, the last location is a mess -- evidence they had been taken, that Dani had been working them the whole time. There's a note on the fridge from Riley to Anna, and as she reads it out loud, she activates Arthur's brainwashing, and he knocks her out.

When she wakes up, Dani is taking her into a Branch lab where she meets the head of the organization, OB -- who is none other than her uncle Will. Dani explains she made a deal with him: hers and Anna's freedom in exchange for the boys. Anna won't stand for it, but a memory swipe is part of the deal, so Anna wouldn't remember the boys, or her hatred for her sister.

As Anna is prepared for the memory swipe, she fights back, and ends of in a fight with Dani, where Anna eventually stabs her fatally in self-defense. It wasn't Sam who killed their parents, but Anna herself, still a child -- Anna and Nick both got shot in that incident, and it landed them back in the program. That's why she has so severe flashbacks -- because her memories had been wiped often as a child (Nick's idea, as he later remembers), and Nick was always there when she woke up afterwards, so Dani felt as if Anna had imprinted on him like a baby bird.

With Dani dead, Anna is all Will has left from his family, and he thinks he can get her back into the Branch by wiping her memory after all. In Europe, and after the boys have been eliminated, a clean slate. While Will is trying to take Anna away to the airport, Trev helps the boys escape, and they team up to safe her. Will shoots Anna in the leg, and the infected wound has her out fo five days in the hospital later, before Anna kills him. Riley never showed up, even though he was called in as back up.

In the aftermath, Arthur's memories have been wiped, so he doesn't remember them. They placed him in retirement home, where he waits to die of lung cancer. Trev shows up, telling Anna how he found the girl he once loved, now an adult. He also gives her the detonator for all the branch locations, but of course there's no telling if the program won't flare up again.