Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend | Confessions 2
by Louise Rozett




Blurb: ROSE ZARELLI 2.0 here — 2.0, as in innovative… superior… improved.
Improved how? Glad you asked. This year, I will not:

1. Do things just because other people want me to.
2. Randomly shoot off my mouth.
3. Worry about whether I’m someone’s girlfriend — or not.

So, what will I do this year?

1. Find my thing and be who I want to be.
2. Learn when to speak up — and when to shut up.
3. Tell off Jamie Forta and move on.

I’m older and smarter now — I can totally pull this off. How hard can it be?

Klick on "Read More" for the Happily Ever Ending Summary. Careful: SPOILERS! Don't read if you haven't read the book yet!!

HEE Summary:

A lot happened in this one, but I'm gonna be putting it into a nutshell because you know most the characters from book one.

New Characters:
1. Conrad, Regina's younger brother, who is gay and the frame conflict in this book is tolerance for other sexualities.
2. Holly Taylor who moved to Union with her famous father from L.A. She's drama actress, and Robert's girlfriend. She's very sweet and befriends Rose quickly.
3. Dirk Taylor, Holly's famous actor father, who shows up towards the end and start taking Rose's mom out on dates. While Kathleen is smitten, Rose absolutely dislikes him.

Big Revelations:
1. Mr Deladdo, Regina's father, was abusive. Jamie held him at gunpoint and told him to leave. That still doesn't bode well to some extent.
2. Conrad instantly hated Rose. She thought it was because Conrad thought she broke up Jamie and Regina, but later figures Conrad is in love with Jamie himself. Jamie alrady knew that, of course and always pretended not to.
3. Rose has a nice singing voice. She wants to use it in the play, but afterward she decides it's too much standing out and she doesn't want to try and sound like somebody else.
4. Rose actually tells Jamie she loves him. He being Jamie doesn't know how to handle it on the spot, but later shows up for her birthday being all cute.
5. Peter comes home, temporarily expelled from college for drug abuse. However, he starts to get himself back onto the right track, with some help from Tracy who can finally claim him as her boyfriend.
6. The Deladdos are like family for Jamie, considering his very shitty realtionship to his father and with his mother long gone. Rose finally realizes that, so no more jelousy from her.
7. Anthony, Regina's new boyfriend, is also abusive. Rose and Regina's friend Lena find out.

The very end:
1. After Tracy and Rose were in a fight regarding honesty about Peter, they manage to reconcile while the question how Tracy is supposed to be his girlfriend and Rose's best friend at the same time is still hanging in the air for further examination.
2. As Rose decided to keep her mouth shut about Regina and Anthony, yet reassuring Regina it would be okay to step up and tell Jamie because he cares about her, it is Lena who's blabbing to Jamie.
3. That results in a fight between Jamie and Anthony after which Jamie walks out on his diploma and, being deeply disappointed and pissed, on Rose. Now you know where that Almost-Girlfriend comes from.
4. Rose, pretty hard-broken but also sure she did the right thing, gets a second chance to audition for Angelo's band. Having a rock star voice and alot of anger that she can let out with it, she makes it as new lead singer and has finally found what she wants to do with life.

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