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Bridges Burned | Going Down in Flames 2
by Chris Cannon

bridges burnedSummary:

Don't just fight the system... burn it.

Since discovering she is a shape-shifting, fire-breathing dragon on her sixteenth birthday (surprise!), Bryn McKenna’s world has been thrown into chaos. Being a “crossbreed” — part Red dragon and part Blue — means Bryn will never fit in. Not with dragon society. Not with the archaic and controlling Directorate. And definitely not when she has striped hair and a not-so-popular affection for rule-breaking...

But sneaking around with her secret boyfriend, Zavien, gets a whole lot harder when he’s betrothed to someone else. Someone who isn't a mixed breed and totally forbidden. And for an added complication, it turns out Bryn’s former archnemesis Jaxon Westgate isn’t quite the evil asshat she thought. Now she’s caught between her desire to fit in and a need to set things on fire. Literally.

Because if Bryn can’t adapt to the status quo... well, then maybe it’s time for her to change it.

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HEE Summary:

Zavien turns out to be a jerk and a player, ultimately chosing his intended Nola over Bryn, although he did seem to care about her -- but obviously not enough. As this relationship breaks away, Bryn gets closer with her knight Valmont, as well as Rhianna and even Jaxon becomes sort of a friend. Bryn also gets closer to her grandparents, although only in small Blue steps, after her parents are killed by a bomb just before Christmas. Jaxon's mother Lilith is pregnant again, driving her males up the wall, thus Bryn bonds with her.

Bryn and Jaxon try to investigate Alec's attack. How did he know the layout of the estate so well? His sister Nola was the last to check out the blueprints, claiming she used them for her stage sets, but Bryn thinks it's a lie since the sets are not realistic at all. Why did Alec target Bryn and Jaxon, why did he want to end the Sinclair and Westgate bloolines so much? Alec's marriage petition to his love Analise had been denied, she became someone else's mistress and then died in a car accident. As Jaxon tells Bryn that the remaining McKennas had all died in a car accident after her parents had run off, it's clear that "car accident" is code for "assassinated by the Directorate". But why would someone kill Analise? Medical records show that she skipped out on a standard procedure for mistresses -- sterilizing, which suggests that she was probably pregnant, most likely with a mixed bred child. Bryn and Jaxon are both shocked that the sterilizing happens in the first place, and Jaxon is warned off the topic by two Directorate goons. The question of the how remains, and why someone wants the Sinlcairs and Westgates suffering specifically.

Alec's attack had only been the first strike. Now the dragon community is really under siege from a rebel group, first only with minor injuries, but the second and third leaves some crippled, Rhianna being one of them. Her marriage contract with Jaxon is recoved, and he is actually set up with Bryn, although Rhianna is falling in love with him, and I believe Jaxon has come to love her too, since she's so much like his mother. The fourth attack is on the Sinclair estate at the christmas ball with several casualties on the rebel side, but the Blues only sustain minor injuries. As Bryn acts as a medic, some Blue families act friendlier toward her now, and her grandfather tells her he's proud to have her as his granddaughter. The last attack is on Dragon's Bluff, all Blue's are called forth to reign in the fire, Bryn is the only one to come with a knight riding on her back. Losses are heavy and this time on both sides, and it's revealed that the attackers are mixed breeds like Bryn. They are all wearing the same symbol which Bryn also found in a notebook in the library left for her to find and between her mother's belongings in a secret room. The Directorate chooses to cover this part of the story up, like they did Alec's attack.