What is Happily Ever Endings (HEE)? Check here.

Wrapped Around Him | Moroad MC 1
by Debra Kayn

WrappedCoverCareful: SPOILERS! Don't read if you haven't read the book yet!!

HEE Summary:

Cam kidnaps Christina, half forcing and half coaxing her to become his woman. The boy, Jeremy, was just a piece on the board for Cam to get her into his life -- the papers that he is Jeremy's bological father are forged. However, they do grow together to be a family more and more.

As Christina choses her new life with Cam and Jeremy, she becomes a target for rival gangs, and she can't go back to her old job as a social worker. So Cam offers her to do the club's books, but all in code  so she is not really involved in any illegal business. He also takes Jeremy along his run for the gun chain, and as the two of them get pulled over, Cam takes the fall for Jeremy -- so he is now back in prison for the next 18 months for possession of a gun while on parole.

Meanwhile, the MC's vice president Merk was released and moved into the trailer next to the house to keep an eye on Cam's family while he was inside the state penitentiary. During the time of Cam's sentence, him and Christina exchanged letters like old times.