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Long Night Moon | Seasons of the Moon 3
by S.M. Reine


Something is killing innocent people around Rylie Gresham's town. The police think it's a wild animal, but she has other suspicions. There are new kids at school, and they have a lot in common with her: gold eyes, super strength, and a habit of turning furry. It seems Rylie's not the only werewolf around anymore.

It's up to Rylie and her werewolf-hunting boyfriend, Seth, to stop the killings. But saving lives doesn't come naturally to a monster, and territory battles could risk the life of her sickly aunt--not to mention her own. Rylie has no choice but to stand her ground, protect her home, and stop the murderers before anyone else gets hurt.

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HEE Summary:

The doctor mentioned in the hospital in book two who was supposed to be ale to help Rylie arrives with his two adopted kids -- werewolves like Rylie, but they are able to control their shift, become wolves at any time, nor not change at all. With the murders occuring in the small town, Rylie suspects them to be the culprits. But it could also be Abel who is turning into a wolf again after Rylie bit him in self defense in the last installment. But something is happening with Rylie too -- she has blackouts more often and feels tired like after a wolf night. However, with everyone being busy trying to catch the killer...

It turns out to be Rylie who is no longer just shifting during the new and full moon, but whenever she gets agitated or otherwise emotional, due to silver poisoning (the steak laced with silver Eleanor used to lure her out of the school in the second installment). In a moment with passion she shares with Seth, she bites him, but the skin doesn't break so he doesn't catch the curse.

Her last victim is no other than the mother of her gay friend Tate. Seth decides to stay with Gwyn and take care of the farm while finishing school, while his brother and girlfriend take the offered hand of the witch doctor and leave with them to learn control.