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Well, I guess the title is pretty self-explainatory, isn't it? All participants get one entry for the giveaway. However, the more reviews that are submitted, the higher the prize (Amazon Gift Card).

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Hard_Heart_15Going into the third year with the Hard Heart Reading Challenge, we'll be reading books that have been on our tbr since before 2013. There are levels you can accomplish and a giveaway.

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My 2014 Recap

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Hard_Heart_14Second years Hard Heart Reading Challenge will go a little differently. Seeing as challenges are hard for me to do anyways, and I’m definitvely doing more than one at a time, 26 books was way over the top. So this year, there will be 12 books in this challenge, one for every month.

Now it’s up to you to personalize your challenge again. Find points you want included, or just put things on you haven’t been able to get done because something kind of irks you. I know mine will have German titles on it again, otherwise I’m never gonna get them done, and off-genre things. 😉

  1. Caro @ The Book Rogue
  2. Carmen @ Shelfspace Needed

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Manga_May_14I’ve been signing up to so many challenges this year… But one very intense challenge is ending May 1, so I thought I would reward myself with some “light reading” afterwards by catching up on the manga front I have been disregarding for so long. Thus, Manga May came to be where I’m just gonna count the volumes, volumes per series, and series I manage to catch up on.

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Participants (Wrap-Up Posts):

  1. Me, of course, Caro @ The Book Rogue


My 2013 Recap

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Hard Heart A-Z Challenge 2013The Hard Heart A-Z Reading Challenge is a personal challenge where you’re not just supposed to read through the alphabet, but to brace up and clean some problem childs off your reading pile.

You all know yourself best, so think about reading habits you want to break free from, or at least loosen up a bit, and put together 3-5 points that make up your personal Hard Heart Challenge. Don’t forget to make them actually hard on yourself, otherwise it wouldn’t be a challenge at all, right?

Now, when you’re done with the outline, find books from A-Z from your tbr to fill your individual challenge list. I went by author’s last name, but you can go by title or whatever, and X is my “random spot” where I just put something to help clear my goals (and I really needed it; good thing there aren’t many authors on X).

My challenge list.


My 2012 Recap