In Her Shoes is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Vanya at YA Story Teller. To participate, simply put yourself in the shoes of a heroine you've recently read about, and then tell what you would do in her stead, or what you've learned from her.

Briar Thompson from Chasing McCree


Briar Thompson is a cheeleader, and her family is quite well loaded. Sadly, her father, as a top surgeon, is constantly stuck in his work, and her mother is so egocentrical... They both couldn't care less what her daughter is up to unless it doesn't affect the family's reputation. As members of the high society, they know to tread careful, and Briar hates it. She hates how she isn't allowed to be herself, constantly trying to fit in amongst the others in the top ranks of her school, pretending and hiding who she really is behind expensive outfits and heavy makeup. The only one Briar can count on is her lovely, although somewhat crazy grandparents, especially her grandma.

When Briar is cheeted on by her boyfriend Alex, everything changes. Totally drunk and hysterical, she runs into the school's newbee and country lad Chase, who has no trouble handling her despite her telling him off. She gets to know him fast and is relieved that she doesn't have to pretend around him, but can be her true self. As she lets loose, Chase has her experiencing quite some (high society frowned upon) firsts, like eating fast food, and she discovers a lot of things about herself that she didn't even know.

Although their relationship is building at high speed, it couldn't be any better for both of them. Chase gives Briar the nudge to say no, to free herself from her parent's selfish rule, to have the courage to go after her own happiness. It's not like he changes her around, because Briar was ready to explode at the right occasion for years, he just helps her blossom. And boy, does she! I like the new her a lot, although there wasn't much to discover from the old her. But just the possibility that she could've turned out like her parents or her so-called friends... urgh!

As for the other way around: Briar certainly isn't that much of a change for Chase, but her sensitivity, love for animals, uncomplicated and supportive nature is just a perfect match for him. The only real advantage she has over him is probably her competative and advanterous side, good for the future of his finances and to make sure that the relationship stays interesting. See, they're basically made for each other!

Whose shoes did you step into this week?

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