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Julia Cape from Defy the Stars


As a reformed Juliet, she was awesome. She was just as dramatic, just as in love, just as defiant to the world she was accostumed to. I mean, the girl - totally sheltered, and actually smart enough to know better, and not even really in need of it - took meth for crying out loud! Just to try, as a challenge, and to prove to herself she wasn't afraid to try something and to change. I mean: wow. It sounds perfectly stupid, but it also took lots of guts, so...

However, it takes just as much thought and strength to stop -- and she did. Since she wasn't a total addict, I guess it wasn't all that hard on her, at least not physically. Emotionally, on the other hand, I'm assuming people new to the heights of taking drugs have it harder to stop and get back on track with their feelings, since it's emotional overload that drives many people to take drugs in the first place, right? Yet she even withstood the temptation right in front of her, that Julia.

The depth of her love was... amazing, nothing less. The writing style, that music and musicians' terms were used to discribe this feeling that sometimes just cannot be expressed in words (I mean, that's what we all dream of, isn't it???), was just absolutely breathtaking. And since the piano was her world, it made sense that she encoded her feelings in music as well so that her mind could actually understand what her heart was telling.

And I have to say, Julia was clearly overdramatic. In her sense quite understandable for a totally sheltered, yet still of-this-world girl, and definitively like her namesake Juliet Capulet. This altered perception once she's with Reed, even more so when she realizes she's in love with him, it's just so much... almost overwhelming, and thus very poetic. I think the style of the book has a great deal to do with how Julia totally had me thrilled, but even just reduced to her core, thoughts and actions, she would still be ranking high.

As for how she turned out in this tragedy... Well, how she bottled everything up until she finally cracked felt very authentic, although not so much like the original Juliet. This turn made her an even greater character in my eyes, seriously, but in my opinion it just sucked for the story ending.

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