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Heather Robbins
from Reflection and Reaction


Heather was an amazing heroine. I mean, not just that she made it through this bad-ass Reflective Coma alive and without big chunks of herself missing or damaged, although that in itself is already a small miracle, and it was clear that her natural fighter personality helped her through this big time. It's also the way she struggles, mostly with the situation of missing out almost three years of her life, but also with the change in people she'd known so well, and with the feeling of being left behind and out of control over her surroundings.

When she woke up, it was a lot to take in at once, but Heather came to terms with it rather fast, because she's the type who doesn't dwell on the bad and past too much. Having been through enough already in her childhood, it was just one more thing for her to gear up for and tackle it, so that she might finally find the happiness she'd always wanted. She knows that everything comes with a price, so she always talks herself up better than any of her friends could. She's so strong and free and independent, and she always takes on every struggle, be it with other people or her own conflicted emotions, never running away, not even when she thinks she is. And because she knows just how hard life is and that every battle takes some time to be fought, she is very appericiative of those she loves and who love her, and she's very, very patient, with others as well as with herself.

The only aspect that I didn't like about her was that she seemed too self-conscious for such a strong character. She knows her strength, and not just because other people keep telling her, but she doesn't draw too much confidence out of it, especially not regarding Nick. Makes me think of the proverb "We're all fools in love", but I really thought it wouldn't have done any bad if she would've been just a bit less emotional and concious of her looks with him, even more so since he was her soul mate.

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2 thoughts on “In Her Shoes ~13~ .:. Heather Robbins”

  1. Considering she has been through so much, it's amazing that she doesn't like to dwell on things. Though, I hear you. It must be weird that she is so strong but so self conscious with the guy but love kinda does that to you. Makes us fools, like that quote you mentioned, hehe. Ahhhh, the complexities of the human condition. Really can't wait to read these books after this awesome profile on Heather. Thanks for sharing, Caro 🙂
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  2. Hey Caro! Sorry for not being able to stop by in the past couple of weeks. A baby can do that to you LOL

    So, the character you picked seems to be someone really special. I love strong heroines, who still have something weak about them. After all, they're still human, no matter how brave and courageous they may be.

    Thanks for visiting my post!
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