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Sera from The Girl in the Wall


First of all, let me tell you that both those girls were absolutely amazing. They were smart, brave, good-natured, cunning, loyal, caring, hard-working, and, most importantly, real survivors. They had a strong will, and alot of fight, and it helped them help themselves, each other, and many others.

About Sera:

She used to be Ariel's best friend, but now she's the shunned one. However, she comes to the conclusion what she has done that felt to Ariel like betrayal, was for her friend's own good and done in her best interest, so Sera has nothing to blame herself for. And she's right. Since this was the situation in the beginning, Sera was even avoided during life threatening moments, but I admire that she didn't mind too much. Okay, she had Hudson who sided with her instead of with the rest of the group, but still. However, I think she's someone who can forgive, and forgive completely, if she's convinced that the other side is truly sorry.

Sera seemed weak when under the most of pressures, because she panicked beforehand, but she never cracked. She somehow managed to hold on, and only broke down when there was really reason to. She even kept it more together than tough Ariel, but maybe she was just a bit more in shock. Another proof of her bravery is that Sera was defiant by not telling on Ariel, although her previously best friend had theoretically done the same to her social life, and by starting to work against their captors. She stood up when most others would've cowered, mostly alone at that, which can only be admired.

Furthermore, Sera struck me as very deep. Deciding to "betray" your best friend for her own good, that long thinking and a big load of courage. I also drew that conclusion because she liked Hudson's music for the texts and depth of it, not because he's a hit at the moment. Thus, I was very glad she ended up with the rock star as a little reward for everything she's been through. She might not have lost the same as Ariel has, but it was Sera who made the first step towards being a better person, leaving consequences aside, so she deserved happiness.

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