Series: Ancient Legends 1
Format: eBook
Pages: 374
Language: English
Published: April 30, 2011
@: GoodReads

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The moment Amber starts her summer job in Scotland and sets eyes upon Aidan, her fate is sealed. Summoned by an ancient bond, she can never love another. Lost in the woods one night Amber enters Aidan's deadly world when she unknowingly participates in a paranormal race and promptly wins the first prize...a prize worth killing for.
In a world of forbidden love, ancient enemies, legends and rituals, nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted. Life will never be the same again, unless she enters the Otherworld. But to do so, Amber must die...

Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 2

A trip to Scotland! I love the country, especially with all it's myth and history. And the accent is just... I love it! Yep, this time I followed Amber there from London to a summer job she has actually not even the slightest qualification for, but got it anyway because her new employer Aiden set it up solely for her to find. Sounds weird? Not so much when you find out that Aiden and his companions are vampires, and that Amber is the soul mate he'd finally found and now needed a way to get her close, so she would fall in love with him. Sadly, things aren't that simple, and it's not just because Amber thinks Aiden is so hot he'd never be interested in her, but also because she kinda still wants to get back together with her currently-on-a-break boyfriend, Cameron.

After a few days, Amber's (stupid) brother Dallas, who she thinks got her the job so she tries being thankful, wants her to come with him into the woods near Aiden's house to steal jewels that are supposedly hidden in a cabin there. She finds them, digs them up, but what she doesn't know is that the jewels are worthless for humans. However, they contain a paranormal gift that was up for claims in a race full of supernatural beings, and now she is to keep the prize of communicating with the dead for the next 500 years -- if she doesn't give it up of her free will, or is killed.

With that prospect, Amber can really consider herself happy that she has Aiden as her mate, who brings along his aloof player brother Keiran, his caring friend Clare, and connections that are as powerful as they are dangerous. I like them all, but I have to say that Keiran is my favorite. He's a lot like Jace from The Mortal Instruments, always crazy, cunning stuff coming out of his mouth to the most inappropriate times, but also loyal and strong and honest. He's a bit boyish too, and I like him even more for it.

Now, I don't want to go into more detail regarding the plot -- I feel like I have already said too much anyway, plus I think that the blurb is quite sufficient -- so all I'm gonna say that it was a little too stuffed with events for so few pages, and that it would've been just as good with a few less clichés, but it still wasn't half bad. The world and it's rules were nice, but not overwhelming. However, I think it has potential, especially regarding the characters. There's a lot left to discover. Although Aiden and Amber didn't strike me as much, some of the others sure did.

Area Scan: Style: 3/5 -- Plot: 3.5/5 -- Characters: 3/5 -- Romance: 2.5/5 -- Drama: 2.5/5 -- Humor: 3/5 -- Fantasy: 3/5

Discovered: 3+ Hoods

Ancient Legends Series: #1 A Job From Hell | #2 Beelzebub Girl / Doomed | #3 Voodoo Kiss | #4 Dead and Beyond

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