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Karla Nellenbach divides her time between day jobbing, writing, and indulging in her Winchester obsession. The rest of her day is spent playing butler to a cranky old man masquerading as a housecat and two rambunctious puppies that closely resemble small horses. Born and raised in the wilds of Michigan, she knows two immutable facts: (1) it is entirely possible to live in a thumb, and (2) you definitely can go home again… you just might not survive the winter. Having resided in the sunscape of Florida for the last decade, she’s still on a quest to see a real live alligator outside of the "petting" zoo. Karla is currently at work on her next novel. You can find more information on Karla and her work at her website, The Last Word.

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Format: eBook ARC
Language: English
Pages: 200
Debut: March 13, 2013
@: GoodReads

Snuck from: YABound
Read: June 9-10, 2013

Area Info

My twin sister was the only person in the world I thought I’d known inside and out. Apparently, I was wrong.
Twin sisters share a unique bond, one that can't be broken by miles, time, or even death. Hannah and Hope Morton are no exception. When Hope takes her own life, Hannah loses a sister and a best friend, a catastrophe she isn't sure she'll survive herself.
With her family in ruins, Hannah is slowly disappearing, drowning in a sea of misery. Even her wild, energetic best friend can't pull her out of her grief. Desperate to help Hannah, her brother comes home from college, bringing his best friend Julian along, the first boy to break Hannah’s heart. None of their efforts are enough to pull Hannah off her self destructive path, though. Julian is the only one who can get through to her, working his way into her frozen soul with cocky remarks and genuine love that warms her from the inside out.
As Hannah works to find answers, she continues to uncover new secrets and people that reveal a side of Hope she had never shared with her twin. Alone now, Hannah must make a decision of her own: move on and start a new life with the people she has left, or let the weight of her grief drag her down with her sister.

Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 56

Cover: ... was one reason I chose to review this book. It's simple, but feels like a piece of art to me, more like a picture displayed in a gallery than a book cover.

Framework: I love twins and their psychology, that's what drew me to the book. I was a little disappointed at that front, but this was an intreesting trip nonetheless. So this is very much about family and death and coping, of secrets kept and answers you'll never get, moving on and starting over. It's a very deep book, which I actually wouldn't recommend to a YA audience because of the center question that remains unresolved. The diary form may not be to everyone's tastes, but I thought it fit quite good here.

Plot: You get thrown right into the raving thoughts of Hannah who was left behind. The story is told through her diary entries which makes it a bit uncronological per entry, but not in a confusing way. It tells how she slowly mulls through everything, how she clings to memories and rage, yet falls apart, and finally manages to mourn and cope and move on. The only thing I missed was the event that made her change her mind to move forward again. It was more like from one day to the next, she decides it's enough with the pity party without reason although she couldn't fess up before regardless of her pity-hating character. Made me scowl big time.
The same thing about the unresolved main point. There was a small explaining why Hope killed herself, yet there was no resolving the issue why she pretended to Billy she was someone else entirely. Why she felt she had to keep him a secret at all, etc. Makes you think, and makes you sad if you consider sometimes it can't be all resolved and that some people just have to live with that all their life. And that is precisely what I think does belong into an adult book, not YA.
But it was nice to read Hannah getting her lost love back, and all the stages one might go through when losing someone this close. The emotional aspect was very good for the most part, considering the back and forth and... quite alive.

Characters: I can't say I particularly liked Hannah. She was more the character you saw thorugh, but couldn't connect with unless you've already been through what she wrote about. She was weak at first, describing how she always lived in the shadow of her older sister Hope. However, I came to like the person she was towards the end who was actually quite the burden-carrier.
I LOVED the side characters though. Hannah's brother Doug and his best friend/her lost love Julian, as well as her best friend Glory. They all were so supportive and worried and.... did just the right thing. Hannah was really blessed to have them at her side.

Overall: Not for everybody, not too easy to get into, but a book to think about.

Area Scan: Flow: 3/5 -- Vocab: 4/5 -- Plot: 5/5 -- Heroes: 4/5 -- Villains: 3/5
Romance: 4/5 -- Drama: 5/5 -- Action: 4/5 -- Suspense: 4/5 -- Humor: 5/5

Discovered: 3+ Hoods3hoods

Sights: Teaser

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