Ashley from NoseGraze has come up with another great idea! LitRate is going to be a new book rating website, and for me personally, it will replace Goodreads without question. Ashley has already stated a list of real awesome features which GR does not have, like pausing a book, and I cannot wait to try them out. Like many other readers on the community, GR holds the one or other pet peeve for us, and it's just really confusingly chaotic.

I'm waiting on my paycheck to come in so I can back the project, and I want any booklover who reads this to do the same. Even if you are content with anything as it is right now, maybe you can spare a bug or two regardless, so we can get a young, dynamic, and expertly supported new platform on the net.

If you want to find out more about the project, watch the video, or have a look at the website. If you want to go right away to support, you can find the kickstarter here. The project needs all the funds it can get, until August 29.

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