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Louise Rozett is an author, a playwright, and a recovering performer. She made her YA debut with Confessions of an Angry Girl. She lives with her 120-pound Bernese Mountain dog Lester (named after Lester Freamon from THE WIRE, of course) in one of the world's greatest literary meccas, Brooklyn... and also in sunny Los Angeles. (Being bi-coastal is fun!)

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Series: Confessions 2
eBook ARC
Language: English
Pages: 336
Debut: June 25, 2013
@: GoodReads

Snuck from: YABound
Read: June 20-27, 2013

Area Info

ROSE ZARELLI 2.0 here — 2.0, as in innovative… superior… improved.
Improved how? Glad you asked. This year, I will not:

1. Do things just because other people want me to.
2. Randomly shoot off my mouth.
3. Worry about whether I’m someone’s girlfriend — or not.

So, what will I do this year?

1. Find my thing and be who I want to be.
2. Learn when to speak up — and when to shut up.
3. Tell off Jamie Forta and move on.

I’m older and smarter now — I can totally pull this off. How hard can it be?

Rogue Chronicles Entry No. 61

Cover & Title: I love this cover even more then the first. The colors are a perfect match, and how she crumbles that flower... Love it in general, and it also seems very much like Rose. =) The title, of course, is just as awesome as from the first book. This "Almost-Girlfriend" had me guessing all the things that might happen... Just awesome.

Framework: We continue Rose's story in her sophmore year.

Plot: New relationships all over the place, some good and some bad ones. Rose gets a glimpse below the surface of some characters, finding out not everyone is who they seem to be, and not everyone grew up as safe as her, and that there are worse things than losing your dad at that age. It's a very good development throughout the book, everyone is moving forward big time -- yes, life goes on without Rose's dad -- and a lot of things/secrets are revealed, and not just about Jamie.

Characters: I have to say I saw a lot of positive character development around Rose, basically all of the characters, but had the feeling she couldn't keep up until she makes finally a decision at the end of the book. But it's a big one, and I'm curious how it will influence her in the next installment, having found the one perfect outlet for her anger, something that's hers alone.
I came to like Tracy even more, Regina and Conrad and Angelo, but I have to say I'm not so sure what to make of Jamie in this one. He was cute at some points, sexy, honest, but then also cold and harsh, almost indifferent. I guess I have to see what he's up to in the next installment to come to really like him again.

Overall: Very good develpment all around, plot and characters, but Rose and Jamie were a little stuck in this one. Hopefully more development for them too in the next book!

Area Scan: Flow: 3/5 -- Vocab: 4/5 -- Plot: 5/5
Heroes: 3/5 -- Villains: 4/5 -- Sidekicks: 5/5
Romance: 3/5 -- Drama: 5/5 -- Action: 3/5 -- Suspense: 4/5 -- Humor: 5/5

Discovered: 4+ Hoods4hoods

Sights: HEE

Confessions Series:
#1 Confessions of an Angry Girl | #2 Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend
#3 No More Confessions

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