[Review] Maggie Stiefvater : Forever

Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

Series: Wolves of Mercy Falls #3
English, Paperback, 489 pages
Debut: July 12, 2011
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Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
Heat Level : three-flames | Overall Rating: five-stars

Sam has always loved Grace. As a wolf, he watched her from afar. As a boy, he held her in his arms.
Now facing the possibility of a life without her, he will do anything to keep her safe. Even if it means facing his demons. Even if it risks everything he has.
Anything, as long as their love can survive...

Read First: April 27 - May 3, 2015 | Snuck from: Amazon (bought)

Rogue Chronicles Entry

The ending of Linger left me reeling. Just when Sam and Grace finally managed to get together both as humans, everything turned upside down again, and now Grace is the one caught in a shifing body. I really didn't think it could get any worse than that, but of course it did -- Culpeper went and organized a large-scale wolf hunt. Which was almost worse, because I hoped and believed that threat had been dealt with, and now the problem was to find a cure.

I was under the impression it would be all about the that in Forever, that it would be the big final solution, but Maggie Stiefvater left that door open. Lucky me, she again reeled me in with what she thought up for the extraction plan. Because with Grace as a wolf, and the cure off the table due to the short time frame, I had no idea how they were supposed to survive this with guns and a helicopter hard on the wolves' tails. I never would've guessed they'd somehow have to juggle and bridge the two worlds -- using the way the wolves communicated as humans in order to save them all. The mere idea that this should even be possible is pretty amazing all on its own, and it really made up for the unresolved issue of the cure.


I fell so hard for Sam and Grace right away in Shiver, there are barely words for it. Sam was such a perfect dreamer, half broken and always struggling to find it in him to act on any of his thoughts, always held back by his past and the fear of making a wrong move. It was always Grace who got things moving, she was plan and action and determination. So now that she was trapped in wolf form most of the time, it was up to Sam to overcome his old scared self, to trust himself the way Grace trusted him, to make the right choices and move forward. It took him some time, but he did it, and thanks to that (and Cole), the wolves are safe now, and the two of them have a future together.

Oh yes, Cole and Isabel!! I loved them both pretty much instantly when it became clear they had a permanent role to play, and that spark between them was so... bittersweet. They make a really cute couple -- another perfect fit made by Maggie Stiefvater -- so I was glad they grew even closer in Forever, and even sadder when Isabel had to leave. I'm looking very much forward to meet them again in Sinner, and get to see how their story plays out. =)

Finally, the unexpected new ally -- Koenig. He came totally out of left field, a mere stroke of luck for the wolves. They had a close shave thanks to him, and there was no way it could've played out that mildly if it weren't for him. Thus, I'm a little sad he came into the picture so late and I didn't get to know him better.

Area Scan: Style/Vocab: 5/5 -- Plot: 5/5 -- Heroes: 5/5 -- Sidekicks: 5/5 -- Villains: 5/5 -- Hearts: 4/5 -- Heat: 3/5 -- Thrills: 5/5 -- Laughs: 3/5 -- Tears: 5/5

Discovered: 5 Hoods


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Wolves of Mercy Falls:
#1 Shiver | #2 Linger | #3 Forever | #4 Sinner


„People shouldn’t have to earn kindness. They should have to earn cruelty.” — Sam (page 154)

~ Isabel ~ (page 248)

It wasn’t the sort of kiss I’d had with anyone before. This kiss was so soft it was like a memory of a kiss, so careful on my lips that it was like someone running his fingers along them. My mouth parted and stilled; it was so quiet, a whisper, not a shout. Cole’s hand touched my neck, thumb pressed into the skin next to my jaw. It wasn’t a touch that said I need more. It was a touch that said I want this.

It was all completely soundless. I didn’t think either of us was breathing.

Cole sat back up, slowly, and I opened my eyes. His expression, as ever, was blank, the face he wore when something mattered.

He said, „That’s how I would kiss you, if I loved you.”


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  1. I read the first book of the series about a year ago but never really continued the series but I think I might just pick it back up again. Nice review!

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