Manga_May_14Okay, so this was my first Manga May, and I enjoyed it just as much as I thought I'd fail! It was really a close call! I had started on some manga reading in April already, so by mid-May I was already back to books, but I still managed to pull through with a 2 day read-a-thon. Mission accomplished!

Manga May 2014 Challenge

Yes, my set goal of 50 books was met! But I also have some more details to share. 😉

  • 38 volumes were re-reads, while 12 were first reads
  • I read 3 complete series: 1x12 volumes and 2x4 volumes
  • I read only 2 stand-alones!
  • I read one complete new series (although only 4 volumes), which I had borrowed
  • All the series I did not complete are also not yet fully published

So, what exactly did I read during my own private Manga May Madness??

Chrome Breaker 1 Chrome Breaker 2 Chrome Breaker 3 Chrome Breaker 4

New Series: Chrome Breakter (4 vols)

Doubt 1 Doubt 2 Doubt 3 Doubt 4

Re-Read Series: Doubt (4 vols)

I will always love you REC

I will always love you by Kayoru
REC by Makino Aoi

Crash!, Band 1 Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash!, Band 6 Crash!, Band 7

CRASH! 1-7, the first storyline only

Pandora Hearts, #1 | Shugo Chara, #1 | xx me!, #1

Pandora Hearts, volumes 1-12, with 1-5 being re-reads and 6-12 being new reads
Shugo Chara, all 12 volumes, a magically girly re-read!
xx me!, volumes 1-8 were re-reads, volume 9 was a new read

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