Me, my Shelf, and I is my version of a recap post,
and also a feature to tell you more about myself.

ME ... embellishing?

Definition: "1. To make beautiful, as by ornamentation; decorate.
2. To add fictitious details to exaggerate the truth."

I'm okay when it comes to decorating with my hands, I guess. Thinking up stuff, no, but adding a little here and there to make pretty, I can do that. Got the eye for it from my mom, I've been told, although she's really good at thinking up and making, too.

In words, it depends. Like any writer, I think, if you give me time and paper, I can build whole castles in the sky. But in the spur of the moment, when telling a tale? Not so much. Or rather, I'm not so sure. I haven't really tried, I guess? I think I can do pretty well when around kids, the few times I had the chance...

my Shelf

Altered, Erased and Reborn by Jennifer Rush
Altered Novellas by Jennifer Rush
Unlikely Allies by C.C. Koen

Thus, feeding The Box: +3.50

Posts Recap:

Teaser Tuesday: Something Like Normal
Waiting on Wednesday: A Million Miles Away
Review: Happily Ever Never by Jennifer Foor
Bookish News: July / August Releases on my hitlist
Challange - Project 50 Books: Battle No. 1 is over!
Waiting on Wednesday: This Is One Moment
Happily Ever Ending: Erased (Altered 2)
Review: The Other Fighter by L. Hawkeye & T. Stokes

New Books!

> This extra haul <


July 13 - Review: Forged by Jennifer Rush
July 15 - Waiting on Wednesday: #147
July 17 - Tour: Unlikely Allies by C.C. Koen
July 19 - Review: Betrayed by Jennifer Rush
July 21 - Teaser Tuesday: #77
July 22 - Waiting on Wednesday: #148
July 26: Me, my Shelf, and I

and I

... got together with the regional colleagues in Leipzig on Friday. It was fun, productive, and the food was good. I went by train, since my car is still in the shop, and was a little jumpy about coming home at around 1 pm and maybe having to walk home from the station. But I caught the night bus (coming only every hour), all my worrying for nothing.

... am officially on vacation next week. I'm driving down to my old college, because Alesha works there now, and their annual summer festival is next Friday, which is the official alumni meeting day. I can't help taking work with me, but not having to go out once a day to teach will be very relaxing. And, of course, I missed her very much and am looking forward to more fun and productiveness with her. We've always been good at working togehter. =)

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