Me, my Shelf, and I is my version of a recap post,
and also a feature to tell you more about myself.

ME ... fastidious?

Definition: "1. very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail.
2. excessively particular, critical, or demanding; hard to please."

I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing, but yes. I am fastidious in some departments, i.e. food. That's why I like to cook myself so much -- because then I know I'll definitvely eat it, and even enjoy it. I'm also a huge perfectionist when it comes to my own writing. Other than that... I guess not. At least I can't think of anything right now.

my Shelf

Torn by Alexa Kim
Tough Love by Lori Foster

Thus, feeding The Box: +1.50

Posts Recap:

Teaser Tuesday: Sky High
Teaser Tuesday: Taken at Dusk
Waiting on Wednesday: My Secret to Tell
Review: Holding Strong by Lori Foster
Book Tour: Tough Love by Lori Foster

New Books!

For Review / Upcoming Tours:

RareForm Omega_Cover

and I

... haven't been around much on the blog the last two weeks b/c I've been really busy with work. I got a new translation project I'm very excited about, but I'm also starting to teach English to adults, four courses, starting this week until Christmas (for now). I'll be very busy preparing for classes each week, my schedule is packed. Thus, I predict the whole September will be rather erratic instead of scheduled on the blog, and there won't be as many posts. Sorry!

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