Me, my Shelf, and I is my version of a weekly recap post, and also a feature to tell you more about myself.

ME ... audible?

Definition: "Capable of being heard; loud enough to be heard."

Oh, that word definitvely fits me. If anything, I have always people complaining about my loud voice, which I got from my mother. My boyfriend once burst into the kitchen saying, "Would you please stop fighting with each other??" when my mom and I just normally talked. x)

my Shelf

I am currently doing a challenge on my German blog that forbids me to buy any new books until I have read and reviewed 50 I already have. I just started and have only read 3 books so far, but I like the buy ban. However, that also means the only new books I'll present for a while are all review copies.

Perfection (Perfection 1) Flawed (Perfection 2) The Winter People

All three are review books from Netgalley. I am currently reading Perfection, and Flawed will be right behind it so I get it done in time for its release day on August 12. The Winter People is due September 2, so I'll probably read something else in between.

Planned posts for this week:

Tuesday: Release Day Review of The House of the Four Winds
Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday #103
Thursday: Swoon for Songbird
Saturday: Review of Perfection
Sunday: Me, my Shelf, and I

and I

... was in the big city of Hamburg last week, watching the musical Phantom of the Opera and visiting a friend and colleague. The Phantom show was awesome! We, as in me and my Tiger, sat row 9, and could see everything perfectly! It was a bit lenghty in the end, even in those plushed seats, but you have to tell the whole story, right? After that, we went to a restaurant called Feuervogel, in English Firebird, where we ate American and enjoyed the happy hour with half price cocktails til about midnight. That was awesome, too. The musik, the design, the food. It was a perfect evening! which I am very glad about, since this was a Christmas gift from our four parents.

The next day, we split up and I travelled to the suburbs to visit my Mia. I met her in college, and we haven't seen each other for two years now, since I graduated. She stayed to get her Masters Degree, and now has not just successfully graduated, but is also leaving for a trainee position in Seattle just next month. She's awefully intelligent and I expected nothing less from her! However, we are all curious how she will do, since she's a real eco freak, very picky about food, and cursed the US lifestyle after she spent a first half year there in a college exchange program. 😉

Meanwhile, Tiger enjoyed the Wacken Open Air festival. He got there Wednesday, when I went to meet Mia, then the festival was Thursday through Saturday. Then taking down the camp and trying to get off the grounds on Sunday, delivering his brother back to the airport Sunday evening, and so he doesn't have to drive through the night, he's staying over at extended family's, and will come back to me today. =) I'm a little jealous that they went, because none of us bought any tickets, but his brother won them, the lucky bastard. I wish I could've gone, too! In a few years...

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