Me, my Shelf, and I is my version of a weekly recap post, and also a feature to tell you more about myself.

ME ... neatly?

Definition: "in a tidy manner"

Yes, I am a very neat person. I keep records in order, and have knick for filing. However, there is one place where there is creative chaos, and that's my desk. Yeah, I know, the one place there shouldn't be any chaos, right? x) But what can I say? It's where things clutter around, needed things -- like books that still need to be reviewed, my calendar, notes and reminders since I don't have bord to stick them to, and gum.

my Shelf

I requested some more titles from Netgalley, but didn't get any positive responses yet. It's not like I really need any more on my plate, but a girl's gotta try... ^^

Posts of last week:

Tuesday - Promo: James Games by L.A. Rose
Waiting on Wednesday: Princess of Thornes by Stacey Jay
Finished Friday: September 2014

Planned posts for next week:

Waiting on Wednesday: #111
Thursday - Review: The Wilds by Jules Hedger
Sunday: Me, my Shelf, and I

and I

I'm getting this post ready on Thursday, because I will be gone Friday-Sunday with family in Hungary, because a cousin of mine is getting married, and his (then) wife is pregnant. I'm a little grumpy right now and am not really looking forward to it, but I think that leaves lots of room for positive surprises. ^^ What I am looking forward to, however, is the food -- it's always amazing!

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