Me, my Shelf, and I is my version of a weekly recap post, and also a feature to tell you more about myself.

ME ... avuncular?

Definition: "kind and friendly toward a younger or less experienced person"

That I am. I may not be overly experienced in life myself, since I'm still young, but I'm a gernerally helpful person. Since I love what I do, I like using it to help others if possible. However, that doesn't get me totally out of my shoes, so no being overly nice or beating around the bush when meeting mistakes. I call people out on their crap, 'coz I expect everyone else to do the same to me. If they, or me, decide to ignore the advise, that's up to everyone by themselves.

my Shelf


Currently Reading: Inner Fire by R.L. Stedman

Next on the list: The Letting by Cathrine Goldstein

Posts of the last week:

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Teaser Tuesday: Inner Fire
Waiting on Wednesday: Red Queen
Friday - Movie Review: The Maze Runner

Planned posts for next week:

Monday - Blog Tour: Inner Fire by R.L. Stedman
Teaser Tuesday: The Letting
Waiting on Wednesday: WoW #119
Finished Friday: November 2014
Sunday: Me, my Shelf, and I

and I

I had a good week at work! On Friday, a whole of three possible new jobs floated in, and I already nailed one, and that totally made my week. I'm starting to feel the usual Christmas season stress, but I'll manage somehow, and I'm looking forward to our clique x-mas party next weekend.

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