Me, my Shelf, and I is my version of a weekly recap post, and also a feature to tell you more about myself.

ME ... syncretic?

Definition: "characterized or brought about by a combination of different forms of belief or practice"

Growing up, I wasn't raised into any believes. Thus, I have my own set of rules and believes which formed with my character, many of which I don't even know myself until I'm faced with a tough situation that forces me to make a decision.

my Shelf

 Currently Reading: Elsker by S.T. Bende

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and I

We were both sick. Fortunately, I was through with his damn cold after 3 nasty days, while he had it for the whole week, and is still sniffling around a bit. It bothers me that I always get his sicknesses... I really will exile him onto the couch next time.

Oh, we had our clique Christmas party last Saturday, and it was pretty fun. Two new faces, and a few who didn't show... well, life happens, eh? Anyway, good food, fun playing Taboo.

This Saturday, we're moving my mother-in-laws shop into her new location, just across the street, because her lease hasn't been renewed. Well, it could be a worse catastrophy, right?

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