Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor
by Lori Foster

#1 : When You Dare (Dare x Molly)
#2 : Trace of Fever (Trace x Priss)
#3 : Savor the Danger (Jackson x Alani)
#4 : A Perfect Storm (Spencer x Arizona)
4.5 : What Chris Wants (Chris x Matt)

Recommended by: Dixie @ Gone Pecan


  • Name of the current main character is included in the title (Dare Macintosh, Trace Rivers, Jackson Savor, Arizona Storm). It's nice to know the author put a lot of effort into the details, too. =)
  • Parings: Yep, absolutely perfect. This series is focused on very particular, very strong guys, so I was very happy that each of them did not get some whimpy damsel attachment, but strong women who can work with them as well as against them.
  • Nice, steamy smut, detailed but not overboard. Length of the scenes also good.
  • Plot! Ha! It's not just some stupid porn story, gah. They each have a lot of nice action and intrigue in them, too.
  • Characters: Very nice! They're all individuals, they all have characteristics making them different, so you could still know who is who even if none of them was given a name. So nice work there.
  • Continuation: Very good. While each of the books concentrates on a different pairing, they are all connected to one another, and seem to grow as the people do in the stories.


  • Covers: Not really my taste. I think if you put guys on display, they should be either fully dressed or, if not, in a sepia or gray tone. Dunno why, but I am picky there...
  • The mere fact that those men always seem able to focus despite their strong sex drive while the women lose their heads. It's totally cliché and kinda annoying, although it was nicely desplayed that the focus and restraint wasn't easy to keep for each and every one of them. However, I was still kinda annoyed. I find it a little unrealistic, really...

The Pairings:

Dare x Molly: They're both very reasonable and level-headed, which is good since they're the seniority of the series. I really like Molly's type of strength, but I like it even more that Dare recognizes and appericiates her qualities, it's a good display of his fine character. I think they suit each other very well.

Trace x Priss: I don't really know about those two, they didn't really strike me that much from all the four pairings there are. However, I think it is very nice how Priss gets under Trace's skin, considering he's a real, real stubborn and neat-freakishly and somewhat distanced type of guy. She and the little monster Liger definitively warmed him up so he wouldn't freak about Jackson and Alani that much anymore. Other than that, Priss just annoyed me being so incredibly stubborn to the point it's stupid.

Jackson x Alani: Clear case of The Beauty and the Beast, but I love it. I think it's good how Jackson tickles the woman out of Trace's sheltered baby sister Alani. Yay for Jackson! And for Grim, of course! 😉

Spencer x Arizona: Complicated, but I think they make a nice fit. I think it's good that they're actually that far apart in age, coz Arizona is definitively ahead of her years, although she's in fact the fledgling/chicklet of the group. I also love how they all care about her, especially Chris. I had the feeling it's a good thing that she was trying to work on herself, with someone helping her she chose, not simply her family because they'd be expected to help. The way Arizona and Spencer formed their bond was just special.

Series Rating: 4 Hoods

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