Year: March 2012
Length: 99 min
Directed by: Jonathan Liebesman
Starring: Liam Neeson, Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Toby Kebbell, Rosamund Pike

Area Info

This is the sequel to Clash of the Titans. The story again follows demigod Perseus as his father Zeus warns him that with the fading prayers, the gods get weaker by the day, and the walls of the underworld prison Tartarus are grumbling, threatening to free the Titan Kronos, father to Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. At first, Perseus refuses to help, but as his village and his son Heleus are attacked by a Chimera, he submits to his fate as a fighter, and sets out to help his father who is by now prisoner of the underworld. Poseidon manages to pass on his Trident to Perseus before he crumbles to ash, and instrucs him to find his demigod son Agenor to help him. Queen Andromeda, who Perseus resqued in Clash of the Titans, is also aidng the men in their quest through the Labyrinth into Tartarus, where they are to somehow collect Zeus' Thunderbolt and Hades' Pitchfork in addition to Poseidon's Trident so they can form the Spear of Triam, the only weapon that can defeat Kronos.


I thought it was plotwise a nice sequel. The story was a bit deeper, but I thought the beasts and action wasn't half as good as in the first movie. Liked most of the new main casts, like Andromeda and Agenor who I've both seen starring in other movies before and liked them. Furthermore, I enjoyed seeing Liam Neeson and Ralph Finnies together again, they can really act the part of the completely different brothers. And I liked the ever-changing Labyrinth, it was done quite nicely, but sadly it was better to watch then the beast fights. That minotaur was a very sad figure on all counts!

Area Scan: Plot: 5/5 -- Cast: 4/5 -- Drama: 3.5/5 -- Action: 3/5 -- Romance: 2/5
Overall Rating: 3/5

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