2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon, so it is full of creativity and lasting experiences.

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The Box held 99,60€ before we emptied it.

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2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Caro has read 80 books toward her goal of 78 books.
My 2012 Reading Challenge was originally set on 52 books, one for every week. On May 8, I increased my goal to one and a half reads a week, summing up to a total of 78 books this year. The count runs on Goodreads.com. Now, let's see how much of that I can actually get read.

2012 New Author Challenge

Through 2012, I want to read books from 50 authors that are new to me. If you want to know more about the challenge, follow the link on the picture to the host's post on Literary Escapism.

I've tried 42 new authors in 2012.

So I didn't quite make my goal, but I think that's good enough. Considering I've read 80 books, half of them have been by new authors, and that's something!

And then there was...

... the catastrophe called the Soccer EM. Again, we were kicked out by Italy despite the fact that we're totally the better team. It's like we get wrecked every time we have to stand against them in a k.o. game. Stupid curse, really. And than again, Italy made a point by utterly failing their game against Spain. At least you could count on that. ^.^

... the end of my 6th semester in Germersheim. I bid farewell to my flat mate Melli who'll be off to Costa Rica for a year, so I won't see her after she's back, and to Merle who'll attend college in the USA for a year, so I won't see her either when she comes back to finish her master's degree.

... my weekend in Germany's capital Berlin, where I watched the musical Dance of the Vampires, August 11. I absolutely loved it and I can only recommend it!

... the 5th year anniversary with my boyfriend in August. Dinner at the ususal Mexican restaurant, and I loved it like I always do. I'm looking forward to more years just like it. 😉

... me finally moving out off my parents' house, into an own home with my boyfriend. Gosh, that was due for years, I'm so happy! Although I'll only be there with him after I graduate in February. Feels a bit weird, but I can live with that!

... me spending too many hours and nerves on writing my BA thesis. That was one ordeal, I can tell you, but I'm glad its over and done with. Now I have to sit and wait to find out what grade it got me. *bites nails*

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